. . . where morning dawns and evening fades

(click to enlarge)You call forth songs of joy!
                          Psalm 65:8b      

7 thoughts on “singing

  1. faith says:

    Beautiful! reminds me of our time in Acadia National Park….and it just whispers to me "PEACE!"


  2. Cindy says:

    I so enjoy your photos. They lift me, I started to see life differently only after I found a lens.Please, tell me what kind of camera you have. I’m in need of a new one and this time I’ll search by one with others recommendations.


  3. eija says:

    Wow… again wonderful pics here! Would you consider joining our photoshoot challenge? Check it out in my new challenge blog: http://imagerywords.wordpress.com/eyes-of-faith-photo-challenge/We’d love to have you with us – and anyone else who sees this!It’s been a very long, very hot summer in Finland, too. Some people have enjoyed it immensely (like my riding teacher) but for some (like me) it’s been a bit of a struggle because not all people are built to tolerate heat. But I’m not complaining because I know the long dark winter is looming ahead again……..


  4. Joanne says:

    Stunning…just stunning!Thanks for sharing,Joanne


  5. Josie Ray says:

    Beautiful peace. I see, also, that you have Keeping a Nature Journal in your Library Bag. I have almost purchased that book so many times! I hope you’ll let us know what you glean from it.


  6. ellen b says:

    Oh so gorgeous!


  7. Joanne says:

    Stunning…just stunning!Thanks for sharing,Joanne


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