. . . where morning dawns and evening fades

(click to enlarge)You call forth songs of joy!
                          Psalm 65:8b      


7 thoughts on “singing

  1. I so enjoy your photos. They lift me, I started to see life differently only after I found a lens.Please, tell me what kind of camera you have. I’m in need of a new one and this time I’ll search by one with others recommendations.


  2. Wow… again wonderful pics here! Would you consider joining our photoshoot challenge? Check it out in my new challenge blog: http://imagerywords.wordpress.com/eyes-of-faith-photo-challenge/We’d love to have you with us – and anyone else who sees this!It’s been a very long, very hot summer in Finland, too. Some people have enjoyed it immensely (like my riding teacher) but for some (like me) it’s been a bit of a struggle because not all people are built to tolerate heat. But I’m not complaining because I know the long dark winter is looming ahead again……..


  3. Beautiful peace. I see, also, that you have Keeping a Nature Journal in your Library Bag. I have almost purchased that book so many times! I hope you’ll let us know what you glean from it.


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