garden update

Our garden is a bit slow this year but I can’t blame the growing conditions – we planted late.

But it’s coming along!

We’re enjoying sugar snap peas, potatoes, lettuce, green and yellow beans and  beets so far.

 I’m really happy with the flowers I planted from seed.

Pretty lavatera blossom unfolding.

And look at Niki’s pumpkins –  an impressive spread – good thing I didn’t plant that extra row nearby.

 Just a few tiny little seeds and wow! Thanks Niki!

It’s such fun to plant and watch things grow.

And I’m especially glad my dh likes to weed 🙂

Happy days!

with love,


9 thoughts on “garden update

  1. Missy says:

    It is so hot here in South Louisiana, our gardens have not grown very much. I read your post ‘107 Things About You’…I know it was hard for you to write all of that at once, but I enjoyed reading it. I wish I lived near a coffee shop so I too could blog there. Looking forward to reading future post. Have a great week, Missy (Southernqueenbee.blogspot.com)


  2. Nostalgia (spelling) is the first picture, yes. I remember planting some oh about 11 years ago and had forgotten about them. They bloom so many blooms I should return them to my garden. Your photos are so lovely and I always look for them, forward to them. Oh my today is going to be such a long day. Did I ask you what part of the Island you live in?


  3. Do you eat some of the nasturtium flowers? They are so pretty. Our veggie gardens are late this year too, but I’m patiently waiting for good things. First cucumbers were had tonight for supper.Jody


  4. Beautiful gardens! The flowers you shared are old-fashioned varieties and thus some of my favourite!Thanks for sharing and Nikki if you read this, thanks for sharing your seeds so we can enjoy this beauty which will be lovely in the Fall!Blessings,Joanne


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