Friday Fave ~ Party time!!


Well now ~ look at that!!

100 posts!! ~ congratulations Suzanne and a big thank you from the whole Friday Fave gang!

It’s been a blessing to be part of this weekly review of our favourite moments, recording the momentous events like weddings, mission trips band milestones, birthday celebrations and even November swims 🙂

but I think I love remembering the everyday simple things best of all ~ the small, shining moments that make you smile and stop to give thanks.

These are the things that create a wonder-filled life.

They are far too fleeting, much too easy to miss, or even worse, ignore.

So thank you Suzanne for helping us all to take a few moments each week to stop, notice and give thanks!

My list of lovely things this week:








Thanks so much for joining me in my wee corner of the Friday Fave 100th post celebration!

Hope each of you has a wonder~ beauty~ joy~ filled weekend!

with love,


12 thoughts on “Friday Fave ~ Party time!!

  1. Your pictures always bring a smile to my face. Seeing your lovely island through your eyes is always such a blessing. Thanks for joining us probably right from the very beginning!


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