Q & A

We had a few questions about our recent hike at Greenwich National Park
(click to watch a short film about this incredible place)

Joanne wondered how far it is from our place – it’s about a 45 min drive.

She was right about the abundant wildlife in the park. Woodland birds, owls,  waterfowl, muskrats, beavers, rabbits and fox. And I never saw so many dragonflies but they wouldn’t pose for me 🙂

But the bunnies were very obliging! Rabbits are plentiful on PEI but you don’t usually get this close.

As we walked on the boardwalk over the fresh-water pond, Roger spotted a little dark head moving through the water, trailing a V-shaped wake.

A closer look – a muskrat but I’m not sure. Too small for a beaver I think, although there were beaver dams in the pond.

And Cindy, having walked the trail herself, was wondering if we had a moon to guide us back the 2.5 k from the beach to the parking lot.

Yes we did!

We left the beach and headed back over the dunes

with trailing clouds of glory above

and beneath us!

Then through the gloaming (do you know that term?)

and the quickly darkening wood to the entrance to the trail.

We made it easily to our car but next time we’ll bring a flashlight 🙂

Now, I must scoot – I’m off to town  – it’s library day!


10 thoughts on “Q & A

  1. Beauty of Bamboo says:

    Beautiful photos and the music playing was perfect – an oasis of peacefulness and tranquility in the midst of a busy day. Thank you.


  2. Wonderful pictures. I'm not sure which one is my favorite. My husband and I was out during the gloaming as well this weekend. It makes for some great pictures!


  3. SueL says:

    Your photos are truly inspiring, Kathie. It's no wonder L M Montgomery included so many references to moon lit nights in her novels and poems; PEI has the best moon lit evenings I've ever seen! I can't wait to come up one day and see it myself:)


  4. It is a wonder of PEI beautiful and you captured it just right. Yes, I did walk the trail and I'm embarrassed to say I live here and have only been there once. I will go back in the Fall as this could be another wonder with the changing colours. I managed to capture the dragonflies there were hundreds of them, dodging about and I wondered as I sat on the boardwalk it I would get hit by one. lol, I didn't and I took a photo of them you can see them here http://besidethetrail.ca/hatsnhospitalitea/2010/08/fridays-fave-five-feels-so-good/ highlight the address, copy the link (Ctrl c) then paste it into your URL (Ctrl v) The photo of the dragon flies is on the boardwalk and I have circled the dragonflies. When I captured the photo I was sure I had dozens of them but when I got home I had but three in this photo and the others didn't turn out as well. I'll return on a moon lit night


  5. Your pictures are amazing, Kathie. I so, so love the rabbit. We've had one on the lawn this year and I'm so pleased. Have you ever read Watership Down?


  6. Favourite Fantastic Fotos! (fff)Great pics, Kathie! I really enjoyed the tour with you, checked out the movie clip and fell in love with the area…great wildlife, great sky, sunset and wonderful gloaming opportunity! Love that 'new to me' word! Although I have never been to Ireland, I can imagine great gloaming there as the scenery is so similar!Thanks so much for sharing,Joanne


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