Hello There!

I’m dropping in to say hi for Friday Fave!

I’ve been AWOL  and I only have one excuse ~ I live on a beautiful Island and it’s still summertime!

What can an Island girl like me do except squeeze every single last drop of summer beauty? πŸ™‚


 August is also homecoming month for Islanders and I’ve been enjoying family gatherings

(missed you Andrew and Hyekoo!)

and friends!  Look who came to PEI!

My sweet blogging friend Deb, and her husband Tom, came all the way from Virginia  to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. It was such fun to meet them both. We spent a lovely evening together.

I’ve always admired Deb’s quilting talents and look what she gave me!

So bright and cheerful! And goes perfectly with my little watering can centerpiece. Now if only that African Violet would bloom!

Thanks so much Deb – and thanks to you and Tom for including Roger and me in your anniversary celebrations!

More friends ~ this time a sweet reunion with my best friends from childhood.

We had such fun remembering old times together!

And of course beachtime

I’m squeezing in every moment possible.  

and so are the girls!

My beach buddy‘s girl, Katherine, with Sarah.

The tradition lives on! πŸ™‚

I could go on and on with summer fun ~ but you know what?

The sun is shining and  that means one thing.

Wish you could join me!

Thanks so much for coming by for a Friday Fave visit.

with love,

PS ~ drop over to Suzanne’s for more FFF fun!


24 thoughts on “Hello There!

  1. Oh, so beautiful. What a lovely trip around your island, Kathie.Thank you for visiting Pollywog Creek and leaving kind words behind. I do hope you will return to my sunny Florida and I promise I will be back to your delightful island.Blessings


  2. Thanks for posting all of the beautiful photos. I just found your blog and will move you up to the top of my ridiculously long blog list. (I keep meaning to delete all of the ones I have no time to visit.) I read all of your "About Me" and enjoyed it so much. "Jane of Lantern Hill" was one of my very favorite books when I was growing up and I still have a copy and reread it once a year. I fell in love with PEI after reading that book and had always hoped to visit it. My husband and I are married almost 57 years and have 6 children, 31 Grandchildren and 12 Great Grandchildren. We live about a 15 min. drive from PCB (now PBU) and both of us have been involved in swimming, and boating all of our lives. We lived aboard a boat for 29 years. Blessings,Mary


  3. You know, I'd be there in a second…just so many changes this summer for me…It's so good to see your family's get together and all of your friends.And the best are the beach pictures.


  4. I wish I could join you!! All of this wonderfulness is from ONE week? If you're allowed that much, I'm coming to the Island! :0) Your photos truly show us the beauty — sunshine bright is my fave this week. Pack in the fun in the week ahead!


  5. I wish I could join you too!Looks like you are having some wonderful family times and how nice that you were able to meet a bloggy friend.I'll get your gift card in the mail! Enjoy your favorite Starbucks drink and just pretend I'm there with you, 'k? :v)


  6. What wonderful pictures. They make me so homesick for family but at least I can feel the love of such gatherings by looking at your pictures. And such beautiful scenery. That farmhouse just takes my breath away. Thanks so much for sharing your week with us.


  7. I wish I could join you at the beach as well! Its such a luxury to receive a quilt as a gift because we know how much work goes in to them. I have a couple I got as gifts and really value them.


  8. I REALLY need to get to the beach next week, before it all disappears (not the beach, but the summer weather). You certainly know how to squeeze the last bit of summer out of the month πŸ™‚


  9. I have been AWOL from blogging also….just relishing all the summer fun too!! Love all your pics, the beach pics are breathtaking and so relaxing. Love all the special pics of family and friends. I always enjoy visiting your blog, you are so positive. :)Have a great weekend enjoying summer!


  10. Hi there Kathie! Looks like quite a fun busy summer for you on the island. Glad you could enjoy so many fun treats…friends, family, new friends and the weather! Blessings on your weekend.


  11. I'm taking a wee tea break to visit this week's fff's. Of course your photos are once again stunning….just breath-taking! Loved them all! I just found out that a colleague at the library here will be moving with her pastor husband to Montague (I think that's where it was) to take on a pastorship at a church there. I am so excited for her and will pass along your lovely blog to her.Thanks for sharing,Joanne, who missed your blog posts but quite understands that summer is a priority:)


  12. Hi Kathie ~ it's so fun to see the table runner brightening your part of the world! I'm so glad you can use it. We certainly enjoyed our time with you, and I'm posting about meeting you and Roger….soon! It's in the queue! Your pictures, as usual, are gorgeous; and now I know firsthand what you're talking about when you mention the beauty of your Island!


  13. There is no denying, Summer is truly wonderful in your part of the world. I love the quilt and I enjoyed all your wonderful photos, as always. Have a great weekend Kathie!


  14. Loved all the photos, Kathie! Totally loved your sunflower pic – I collect sunflowers, and the mustard yelllow farm house photo is awesome!I especially loved the quilted table runner your friend gave you. My obsession with dishes also extends to table runners and linens … That cute watering can looks fab on top of the runner.


  15. PEI is gorgeous and your photo's are breath taking. (I have a dear friend who is from PEI)Looks like you're having a lovely summer. Go out and enjoy it. I would!


  16. What wonderful pictures. They make me so homesick for family but at least I can feel the love of such gatherings by looking at your pictures. And such beautiful scenery. That farmhouse just takes my breath away. Thanks so much for sharing your week with us.


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