Friday Faves!

Hi and welcome to Suzanne’s weekly blessing list! Why don’t you join in?

1. We’ve had another glorious week on Prince Edward Island!

with hot temperatures ~ in the 30s (90sF)  What do Islanders do in a heat wave?

Go to the shore, of course!

(I don’t think you’re surprised)


this time with little boys – Rinda brought her grandson and I brought Roger’s and my adopted grandboys.

we built castles


explored the cliffs

skipped rocks

and did boy stuff for the camera 🙂


 2. In between beach moments, Sarah got her first  car!


3. We broke it in – by heading up to the North Shore!

The water temperature was 80 F – like a bath!

4. Despite my beach obligations, I managed to bottle a few batches of Nannie’s mustard pickles.

So delicious with barbeques! Recipe here

5. For my final favourite, I’ll leave you with some garden sunshine!

Autumn Beauty sunflowers

Thanks so much for dropping in for a Friday Fave visit!

Hope you have good weekend!

We’re getting ready for some nasty weather ~  Hurricane Earl is tracking its way up the coast and the Island is right in its path.

On the bright side, there’s bound to be waves! 🙂

Happy weekend!

with love,


21 thoughts on “Friday Faves!

  1. Beauty of Bamboo says:

    Love the photos of your coast – I posted photos of my beach yesterday with all the surfers out in the hurricane induced waves!!!


  2. Kathie ~ i hope PEI gets spared! What a blessing that our week there was a good one with weather and temps. Tom is down in Outer Banks, NC, (5 hrs from us) helping get lights back on from Earl. Not sure when he will return. I love your pics….we'll have to try the mustard pickles!


  3. I would imagine that those warm temps don't make their way up to your area very often so it's nice that you got to enjoy them. Sure hope the hurricane veers out to sea and spares your area. Have a great week.


  4. Hope Earl is kind by the time he reaches you! I was wondering about you. Really had a great time with some of your Canadians! I'm so glad you got wonderful days at the beach with such fine weather.Congrats to Sarah on her new vehicle! Did she name it?Blessings…


  5. Those sunflowers are gorgeous! What a lovely color they are. We had one day last week that was 33*C and then it got cold again. Today is a balmy 23*, which is about where I like it best, seeing as I have no beach. Only a wading pool and sandbox in the backyard and somehow it is not quite the same as your lovely beach. :v)


  6. Wow, looks like you had a lot of fun at the beach this week. Such carefree times! I'd be interested to know what mustard pickles are, I don't think I've ever had them.


  7. Awww a first car! How fun. I will always remember mine. Thanks for the pickles recipe. If I get inspired I'll make some too. Otherwise I'll just come back and look at your pictures.


  8. I just love all your photos, as usual. You take beautiful pictures…do you also use photoshop? my oldest daughter does alot with her pics and that program.We are headed for the Cape Cod area tomorrow a.m. after delaying our trip by a day due to Earl…I am PRAYING it heads out to sea and away from the East Coast!!Enjoy your weekend and the waves!!Blessings, Faith


  9. I've been thinking of you as I read the weather reports…praying you'll all come through with no damage…maybe it will lose speed??? We have our nephew being delivered to university in Nova Scotia this weekend as well as a family friends…they are in for some nasty driving I'm afraid…Stay safe and dry hugsNiki


  10. Yes, the heat pushed us outside and we spent two days at the beach, North Shore also. At least there was a breeze yesterday.The boys sure are having fun, kids ah, they don't mind the heat.Your mustard pickles look yummy, It is that time again.I love your Autumn sun flower.Have a great weekend, stay safe.


  11. 80 degree water? That's incredible! Everyone looked like they had a great day at the beach. And that hurricane WILL bring waves, so will we be seeing pictures of those, Kathie? 🙂


  12. It looks like a GREAT week, I love how much sunshine you got. I might even be a little envious because it feels looks and smells like Autumn where I am. I don't think we're going to get beach weather. I hope your weekend will be even better than your week has been!


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