Look who’s coming over

Straight over that is!

We’re ready – lawn furniture away, screen tent packed away, bird feeders in the garage, Sarah’s car in the barn (no insurance for a tree falling on it), woodpiles covered,  buckets of water, car filled with gas and lots of food.

Plus my  hair done (laugh if you like – this girl needs her straightener!)


So come over Earl ~ just don’t stay too long ok?


9 thoughts on “Look who’s coming over

  1. Lovella says:

    Oh I was just thinking about you over there. .and came to check. I love a good storm. .and I hope it is a pleasant one. . .not a naughty one. I am praying for your safety. .


  2. It's getting closer!The wind is getting stronger – I've even felt the floor tremble at a couple of the harder gusts, lol. The cats are sleeping blissfully unaware, and the only critters enjoying the rain are the goose and the ducks!I wonder what the eye of the storm will be like? Yikes!


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