Earl’s visit – before and after

Thanks for your kind concern and prayers regarding Earl! We came through without much damage – high winds, heavy rain and one tree down in our yard. Fortunately we didn’t lose power although some parts of the Island did.

Nova Scotia, our neighbouring province, felt Earl’s force quite a bit more than the Island. Some people are still without power there.

Here’s a little video to show you the day before the storm – a lovely day at Pamure Island beach – and then Pt Prim on the day of the storm. Sarah, Sophie and I went down to check out the waves and met up with Bill and Rinda doing the same.

(Please pause the music in the sidebar to enjoy the sound effects of the storm)

Kathleen, my dil, headed over to Nova Scotia for some of Earl’s wave action. She joined Rinda’s girl, Katherine, and her husband, Andrew, both avid surfers.

Doesn’t that look like fun?!!

The storm certainly cleared the humidity and high temperatures of last week . The sun is streaming through my kitchen windows and the forecast temperature for this afternoon is a lovely 22C (74F).

Hope you’re all enjoying this Labour day holiday!


12 thoughts on “Earl’s visit – before and after

  1. Bev K says:

    I'm so glad to hear you escaped the worst of the storm. Such power! It reminds of the song "I sing the mighty power of God that makes the oceans rise…" We humans try to control almost every area of life but God reminds us with each day's weather that only He is in control.


  2. Great opportunity for a photo op love the video. I live across from Quarter Master and when I didn't see them hauling boats out of the water all day I figured we were in for a tropical storm. Wishing our neighbours a speedy clean up.


  3. Beauty of Bamboo says:

    I loved the contrast of the two videos and the sound of the waves! I posted the surfers at our beach here in Myrtle Beach, SC the other day when the waves were coming in from the hurricane. I'm glad you fared well!


  4. Lovella says:

    Oh so glad to know your damage was minimal. The pictures are fantastic. . who needs Hawaii eh? I really hope you've had your fair share of tropical storms.


  5. Sandy says:

    The video of Earl's wind was great. we live3 1/2 hrs. from the OBX(Outer Banks) in NC.Ocracoke Island got rain and wind and so didthe OBX and some flooding…..Glad to see thatyour island home didn't get hit too badly.Thanks for the video and the pictures.


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