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Hi all


welcome to

It’s time to join up with Suzanne at Living to Tell the Story to remember the favourite moments of the week.

I’m running out the door for an important meeting ~ with my hairdresser 🙂

so I’ll leave you with some picture highlights from around the homeplace.


(I can’t resist a picture of Rinda’s new grandboy from last Friday ~ we start them early on the Island 🙂

2.  Hurricane Earl brought cooler weather and that means baking!

Ginger Crinkle recipe here

Blueberry muffins here

Oh my, the house smelled good!

3. Out for a drive and saw this gorgeous Island farmhouse by Vesey’s Seedstore.

4. I love to capture pictures in evening light – such incredible radiance but it’s so brief I have to drop everything and grab my camera beofre it slips away.


5. My sunflower colours make my heart happy! Hope they make you smile too.

Well I must scoot!

Thanks so much for dropping in to say Hi this Friday.

Hope your weekend brims over with blessing!

with love,

PS For more FFF fun join Suzanne and the crew at Living To Tell the Story

PPS – Update on the boys’ band Paper Lions It’s been a big month – they’re prepresenting Canada at the World Fair in Shanghai and having a wonderful time  – plus they just released a brand new video and made David Suzuki’s “Playlist for the Planet”!


27 thoughts on “FFF ~ home and garden

  1. jill says:

    The beach baby brought back memories of my own wee ones resting in the ocean breezes, dreaming of when they would be old enough to surf. Your young Faithful Orange Cat is so handsome. Don't you just love how sunshine looks glowing in orange cat ears?


  2. Yay! for cooler weather and baking!. I am sooo ready for it to visit me!I always love your photos, but the Island Farmhouse and the sunflower collage just made my heart happy!


  3. Thanks for sharing your week via photos. They are so gorgeous. Thanks for the recipes. As soon as it gets cool here, I'll be on a baking spree too. Cute bay pic and lol on "We start them early on the island."


  4. What a gorgeous, colourful, and tasty week you've had! I thought those were peanut butter cookies and was already taking mental inventory of ingredients in my pantry… But ginger cookies will do it, too!


  5. As always, I'm drawn to the kitty photo and the beach baby one! That's what I like! But since I have a lot of blueberries in the freezer and some dried ones stored in the pantry, I'm going to have to vote for the muffins too and check out the recipe.Have a wonderful blustery weekend!


  6. Congratulations to your boys and Paper Lions. That is exciting. Love the picture of your kitty in the sun. And the pumpkin turns so nice in that light. Who knew a lowly little pumpkin could look so pretty with some evening sun.The baby picture made me smile. So sweet on the beach.


  7. Mary Smith says:

    You've been baking a lot! Do you like to admire houses? It's a kind of hobbie I have. We are going to build our new house a kind of farm house style. I love the one that you have pictured here!


  8. your sunflowers make me happy too – actually all your pictures just put a smile on my face. especially little bubba at the beach.I'll be trying your ginger crinkle cookies soon.


  9. Pamela Gordon says:

    Hi Kathie,Thanks for responding to my blog. It's so nice to make friends with other Maritime bloggers. I am also friends with Carolyn. I wished I lived on PEI so we could get together. I have so many questions about blogging and am trying to learn on my own. I hope you have a blessed weekend.Pam


  10. Ok…so want the baby…want the cookies….want the muffins….want the house….yeah, pretty much bundle up the whole package and send it over here, Thanks Kathie 🙂


  11. Oh what fun. I always so enjoy your photos Kathie! The baby on the beach is priceless. hmmm why am I feeling hungry?Wouldn't it be fun to have a farm house as pretty as that? :0)


  12. what gorgeous pictures…LOVE the sunflowers….stunning…and yeah for mamas who bring babies to the beach! :)A wonderful list…..and now I wanna go try those Ginger Crinkles…..thanks for the link…..


  13. Beauty of Bamboo says:

    Thank you for the photos – I second the vote for the recipe for the ginger crinkles recipe!!! Loved the farmhouse! Have a blessed weekend!


  14. So beautiful, Kathie. Maybe you'd like to post your ginger crinkle recipe??!!! How are your band guys doing in Shanghai? What an honor to represent Canada. When I was there last summer, there were signs everywhere for Expo. Hope they are enjoying their the adventure!! I'd love to know more about your guys and their band.


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