FFF ~ family fun & more

Hello and welcome to the First Friday Fave Five of Fall! (say that fast five times! 🙂

We’re counting our weekly blessings with Suzanne over at Living To Tell The Story. I missed last week’s fun but I’m catching up with a jam-packed list this week.

1. It’s hard to believe that we’ve entered 2 new decades in our family this year.

Are you really 30 sweets? Didn’t I just take this picture yesterday??

Wish we could have flown to London to celebrate the big day with you and our dear dil,

but so thankful that we could be together via Skype.

Lord willing, we’ll be together for next year’s celebration! We miss you! xxoo

2.  And this little cutie?

How could you possibly be 20??

Well, I guess we had the birthday party to prove it.

It was lovely to have  Nan and Gramp join us. (Is my sweet mil gorgeous or what? She’s 81 yrs old!)

Here we are, trying to pose.

I never really wondered where my boys got their antics.

As you can see the apples don’t fall far from the tree.

The whole crew may be grown up but some things never change 🙂

(and I’m glad!)

Happy 20th Sarah!

3. More family happenings ~ my band boys packed up the van this week and headed off on another cross-Canada tour

We’re so excited that their new album “Trophies” will be released on September 28th.

And here’s their latest music video featuring one of the new songs.

“Lost the War” ~ Paper Lions

(To enjoy, please pause the music in sidebar)

4. More news from the homefront –  we won’t be cold this winter!

Winter wood – cut, dried, split, stacked & stored = happy husband 🙂

He takes good care of me. Thanks sweetie!

4. This last week, I’ve been “out and about” on the Island enjoying September’s incredible photo ops.

I’ll say goodbye for this week’s FFF with some of my favourites:

Oyster fishing on Pinette River

Shining Northumberland Strait

Sailing in a diamond sea – ferry heading to Nova Scotia

sunset silhouette

Harvest moon

(click to enlarge)into the west

Thanks so much for joining me this week!

with love,

PS For more fun drop over to visit Suzanne and the FFF gang.


20 thoughts on “FFF ~ family fun & more

  1. I love the picture of your DH all dressed up in his suit, in front of the woodpile with the axe! Your island is so beautiful during every season. Thanks for sharing lovely pictures. Alberta is having days of Indian summer and we are thoroughly enjoying them, despite bare trees (a big windstorm last week) and great rushing to bring the grain harvest in. Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Bev K says:

    I really enjoyed this post, Kathie – your boy's band sound great and the celebrations looked like fun. Your pictures tell the story of a happy family.Wonderful fall photos too.


  3. Awww…… I love looking at family photos such as these! Yours is major. The happiness spreads all the way to southeast asia :)Your MIL is 81? I was guessing late 60s. Love the harvest moon. Thanks for sharing your world.


  4. You live in such a beauitful area. Your stacked wood reminds me of my father-in-law — he couldn't rest until the back yard was lined an three sides with stacked wood, even though they never went through that much. Happy birthday to your kiddos!


  5. I always sigh after reading one of your posts that has lots of beautiful scenic pictures. Happy Birthday to your family! Looks like the celebration was lots of fun. It is hard to believe they are grown up and adults so quickly isn't it? The picture of your hubby in a suit holding the axe with a full wood pile behind him is great. Made me chuckle.


  6. I always smile when I visit your FFF's. Such joy here. I love how your pictures capture the essence of your family's happiness. Looks like everyone had happy birthdays. Thanks for sharing some of it with us.


  7. beautiful as always! but please tell me your hubby did NOT wear that suit to cut wood, right?? lol…he's handsome!!Love the family pics too…man, i sure hope I look like your MiL when I am 81!!!! wow…..!!!!


  8. Pamela Gordon says:

    Hi Kathie,Great family photos and beautiful scenic ones too. Your son's band is pretty cool and I found the video very original and cool!Oh, I am a Grandma as of Wednesday. We have a beautiful grandson, Ewan and are going to visit him next week in Fort McMurray. Can't wait as this is our first. We're on cloud 9 :-)Have a wonderful weekend.Pam


  9. Kathie,We were out picture taking on the same wonderful sky evening. I saw a picture of your nan, I think I met her in fact I'm sure I have.I watched the video, I really enjoyed it, creative indeed. My favourite parts were the flip books and picture frames. When the video ended, I could here "The Gift" playing in the background, huHave a terrific weekend


  10. carolyn says:

    Hi Kathie, I agree where did the time go-Happy Birthday to Sarah. You band boys are doing so well=good for them. I have to say you family pic was lovely but before you commented on your MIL I was thinking how amazing she looks-I want to be like her when I grow up! You got lovely Island shots as always! Have a good weekend,Carolyn


  11. Happy Birthday to Sarah!! Hope your day was extra special. Kathie, your pictures (especially the Harvest Moon) are all gorgeous. What a beautiful area you live in and enjoy day in and day out! I have good memories of that ferry picture! Thanks for your FFF!


  12. Oh I love the pictures of the shining seas!I understand your feelings as your children celebrate their birthdays. It seems my children were babies just yesterday but they are grown now ….Adorable baby photos, by the way!


  13. beautiful as always! but please tell me your hubby did NOT wear that suit to cut wood, right?? lol…he's handsome!!Love the family pics too…man, i sure hope I look like your MiL when I am 81!!!! wow…..!!!!


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