Report from the local diner


ur regular customers:

1. Chickadees

2. Juncos

3. American Goldfinches

Frequent drop ins – Purple finches, pine siskins, ruby-throated hummingbirds, downy and hairy woodpeckers,

Occasional visitors – redpolls and white-throated sparrows

and, of course, bluejays who are always around (but not so welcome as their manners are appalling)

This week, we had a brand-new patron

A red-breasted nuthatch.

At first glance, I thought it was a chickadee but then I noticed the striped head.

He likes to hang upside down while he eats but we’re used to a little odd behaviour at this diner.



6 thoughts on “Report from the local diner

  1. So, so clever!! We have all the same ones, except for siskins. The sparrows are around in the summer, but not at the feeders except very occasionally on the ground I'll see one. Redpolls come infrequently, and we do get an occasional red-breasted nuthatch. Most of the time though, it is the regular nuthatches, such adorable little ones. Plus we have mourning doves, who are one of my very favorites. I love the color, the voice, and the way they come in small and larger groups. They seem so sociable. And today there were twenty, count 'em! turkeys. I'm transported to dinosaur days when I see them.


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