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A barred owl, that’s who!

Last week, Roger spotted this handsome fellow in the woods near our home. He hurried back to get me and my camera. When we returned to the spot, the owl was still perched on the branch, the pattern of his feathers blending in with the bark of a large maple tree. The light was fading quickly, but I was able to snap 4 or 5 pictures before he swooped away on silent wings.

Barred owls are quite common on PEI but this was the first time I’ve ever seen one.

It’s Monday morning and the sun is trying to break through the thick cloud cover that has blanketed the Island for the last 4 or 5 days. Torrential rain and flooding struck many areas in the Maritimes over the weekend, although the Island wasn’t hit as hard as areas in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

It’s a weak, watery gleam of sunlight so far but oh. so. welcome!

A good day to take a walk.

Happy Monday!


18 thoughts on “who??

  1. Sandy says:

    Oh how beautiful…..Our owls are not out in our wooded area in our yard this year.Not sure why, but I miss their beauty and their hooting…Thanks for sharing your owl with me.


  2. jill says:

    Coolest ever owl!!! I have never seen any owl in the wild, and knowing how common owls actually are, it drives me crazy! Thank you Mr. Owl for staying put for this photo op!


  3. what an awesome picture!!! we had a barred owl here in Texas that would visit us every night a few months ago, and then one day at lunch we actually saw him flying about. we haven't seen him for awhile, but he woke me up the other night with his beautiful sounds. i think he was praising his Maker:)they are just amazing creatures!!


  4. Oh what a wonderful photo of that magnificent Owl. Love it!! I'm so glad it stayed put for you and your camera. We have a glimmer of sunshine right now too with dark skies looming in the distance.


  5. how lucky! what a beautiful visitor to enjoy! i think owls are so spectacular. i hear one in our woods occasionally, but i have never seen it. maybe some day i'll stumble across him….that would be lovely.


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