6 thoughts on “Taking some time

  1. Beautiful…I'm doing the same here in NYS where we have no snow but very cold temps at 21 degrees. Am sitting visiting blogs while sipping a steaming mug of peppermint creme coffee and gazing at our tree all lit with clear lights…..enjoy your candles!


  2. anneliese says:

    Isnt' it wonderrful and fascinating that darkness cannot hide light? A match lit in a dark room, is clearly visible.That is why it's so comforting to see Jesus as the Light of the world. If we allow His light to shine through us, someone will surely take note.


  3. For the past six nights we have enjoyed celebrating the Feast of Dedication, remembering God's faithfulness and miracle to save the Jewish people so the Messiah could come through their line to save us all.Since Jesus used the Hannukkah celebration to declare "I am the Light of the World", we remember that as well.It was pointed out in an article that there were 36 hours of "Light" before the sun was created. 36 candles are lit during Hannukkah, which is an interesting way to recall that God had light for His Creation for the first three days, then He created the sun. Try re-reading the Genesis account and see what I mean!In heaven there will no longer be a sun or a moon, but Jesus will be our light….another thing we remember about our Light of the World when we light our candles each night, and then do no work by them, but simply enjoy being together.I posted one year how our family celebrated the eight days with special readings for each day, it can be found on my side bar if you are interested.


  4. Hi Kathie,Thanks for you comments on my frost pictures. We had a light dusting of snow last night and today so it's sort of white again. That was quite a storm in some areas of the Maritimes. The winds were pretty crazy but not where we live. I saw Victoria by the Sea on the the news last night – some damage there. Also, on the north shore of NB and in NS. Storm surges are beautiful, dangerous and disasterous all at once.Your candelabra is interesting and pretty. I've never seen one like this before.Hope you get some Christmas snow soon :-)Pamela


  5. Lovely. We are doing the same thing, but ours is a particular neighborhood that puts on beautiful light displays. They do it as a gift to the community and folks come from all over to have their kids walk through the tunnels of Christmas lights. There is something magical about strolling hand in hand with my sweetheart surrounded by twinkle lights. 🙂


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