family, Paper Lions

on their way!

My band boys, in a Hercules plane, heading to their first show at Canadian Forces Base, Goose Bay Labrador.

Left to right – Robbie, Charlie (sound guy? not sure šŸ™‚ and Colin, lead guitarist in the band.

Next destination – Canadian Forces Station, Alert, Nunavut – (images from Canada’s Airforce site)

They aren’t the first Prince Edward Islanders there . . .

But I wonder

Will there be a Belfast sign when they leave? šŸ™‚

Stay warm boys!


9 thoughts on “on their way!

  1. Lovella says:

    Wow. .how absolutely fantastic …now that looks like winter. Such great adventurs your boys are having. I image great carol sings when they are all around home.


  2. Unbelievable! I can't fathom being that far up north~ it looks so cold and barren…sends shivers down my spine.Your boys looks like they are seeing this as one big adventure:)Thanks for sharing!Joanne


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