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Friday Fave ~ bright and beautiful


It’s Friday again – welcome to  Susanne‘s Favourite Fives! We’re counting our blessings. You’re welcome to join the celebration!

We’re fast approaching the shortest day of the year. Here on the Island it begins to get dark around 4:30 pm. I’m thankful for every moment of light ~ sunlight, candlelight, firelight, lamplight, and yes, electric! I’m especially appreciative since we lost power earlier this week during a very blustery day!

I thought I would share a few pictures of light this week – the shining moments.

Hope you enjoy!

1. sunrise glow

2. shaft of sunlight on the bookcase

3. Sunlight dancing on water droplets

4. Path of light over the strait

5. Glow of Advent candlelight

6. And a glimpse into the past – two little birthday candles shining on another December 10th, 26 years ago.

Two happy little boys with shining eyes. How you loved your Carebears!

This sweet face still lights up a room!

Happy Birthday Robbie – 28 years old today. Love you sweets! We’ll celebrate when you get home from the North Pole 🙂

 Thanks so much to you for coming by this Friday ~ I hope you enjoyed your visit.

And a special thanks for all your sweet comments and cheery hellos  ~  they always brighten my day!

I’ll say goodbye with one more picture and a prayer;

Advent candles – Hope & Peace

May the God of Hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him ~ today, and always.

with love


16 thoughts on “Friday Fave ~ bright and beautiful

  1. These photos of light remind me of a song I just looked up — "Candle light, angel light, firelight and star glow." Gorgeous photos, and those pictures of your boys are so cute. Happy belated birthday to Robbie! I don't even want to think hat the North Pole is like just now!


  2. I just love your light this week and the joy your photos bring. Cute little man, "Care Bears" joy, and happy birthday to your grown up man. We were lucky to be spared from the loss of light this week. Your photos are inspiring


  3. Happy birthday to your boy! Precious memories of when he was smaller.Love the look at all the light around you especially as we are celebrating the Light of the World. As always your pictures are beautiful.


  4. I have enjoyed the warmth of atmosphere that you have created through your music and photos.Those photos are beautiful…especially of those little ones. Memories forever.Yes, it's Peace and Hope!


  5. How beautiful…..a true capture of llght and so timely as we approach the celebration of the Light of the World…….cute little boy…now a man….it just goes by so fast!! Thanks for sharing in pictures..they are just gorgeous!


  6. This is a delightful post, reminding us to be thankful for "light" in it's many forms and most importantly, "the light of the world", Jesus. The birthday photos of your 'little' boys are sweet. They grow up so fast! We certainly have had some beautiful sunrises and sunets lately over our Maritime skies haven't we? Have a blessed weekend.Pamela


  7. Kathie,You always have such thoughtful posts. I love the light pictures (especially because He is the Light of the World), love the precious memories you've shared in the photos of your boys (how you must miss them!) and love the PEI features (Anne of Green Gables and the Northumberland Strait), and lastly the Advent candles along with my favourite verse!Thank you for blessing my morning!Joanne


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