Oh my, have the holidays really come and gone?

Like Beth, it’s hard to know where to start . . .  the days were one long, happy blur.

But I’m remembering, trying to be a better mathematician, counting the gifts, even though it’s not a Monday. Ann won’t mind, I know 🙂

So thankful for

126. candlelight waiting

127. Christmas tree shining in window

128. games round the table

129. birds on the feeder ~ American Goldfinches and Redpolls

129. new books to read (reviews coming soon!)

130. One very special book on the way soon. I can’t wait!

131. my children’s voices blend harmony in Silent Night around the kitchen fire

132. cousin camp (just like Lovella – only, when they get older, they cook breakfast!)

(hmmm, I think those are R’s work-gloves – no wonder I got a new pair of oven mitts for Christmas!)

133. brothers wrestling

134. laughing til the tears come

135. skyping with far away, but near to heart, son and dil.

136. Anniversary love ~ 34 years!

137. did I mention good food? oh dear!

138. cards and notes and prayers from friends and loved ones all around the globe

139. and snow! Now it feels like an Island winter.

140. MacPhee family gathering – 41 there, starring the first great-grand-daughter!

Sweet baby Norah!

The Christmas decorations are packed away – the tree is waiting to be carried out.

It’s a fresh New Year ~ time to be “resolving”.

But the tea kettle is whistling and the fire is crackling in the stove.

I think I’ll just join Sophie for a wee while and “think” about it.

Thanks for coming by!

with love,

7 thoughts on “happy blur

  1. Kim says:

    Adorable Norah!I'm glad you had such a lovely Christmas, Kathie – it IS hard to believe it's come and gone for another year!


  2. Deb says:

    Love the birds…and flowers…and baby girl. Happy Anniversary!!


  3. ellen b says:

    It is a glorious season and I'm glad you enjoyed the fullness of it all. Baby Norah is a real cutie!


  4. jill says:

    And wasn't fun having a kitten in the house this Christmas?They're growing up so fast!


  5. Lorna says:

    Nice Kathie … We had such a great time (despite driving in snow). Good to get caught up a little bit – get some rest :>).


  6. Lovella says:

    Oh Kathie. . .such delightful moments in your Christmas. I do hope we get a glimpse of winter here. It is supposed to begin snow before it turns to rain here today. I'm standing with my camera ready. Oh …and so lovely to see cousin camp in adulthood. Beautiful girls.


  7. jill says:

    And wasn't fun having a kitten in the house this Christmas?They're growing up so fast!


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