fff ~ enjoying

It’s Friday and time to join in Suzanne’s blessing list, Friday’s Fave 5!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, it’s been a little on the quiet side here at A Sparrow’s Home.  But I made a promise – if the sun shone, I’d post. Sun on snow is wonderful photo and blog inspiration.

Yesterday the sun finally peeked out – even if it was only for a while.

So here I am – just in time to join Suzanne and all my favourite five girls!

Here’s my blessing list:

1. Sunlight!!

2. A sweet, hardworking husband ~ also a very tidy shoveller 🙂

3. A yummy smelling kitchen!

A lovely big batch of bread – very satisfying!

And my favourite childhood dessert – creamy rice pudding cooked slowly in the double boiler.

I was originally going to let this picture be a blog post on its own, with the caption,

“Help – somebody stop me!”

I’m sure I ate almost half the rice pudding all by myself. So good!!

Recipe coming soon.

4. Good books!  Christmas presents ordered from a new, and now a favourite, online bookstore in the UK.

Great prices and free shipping!

I finished Sounds from Heaven, an informative and inspiring book about the Hebrides revival in 1949-1952.

And now I’m in the middle of Henrietta’s War by Joyce Dennys

Thoroughly enjoyable!!

5 And now for my final favourite of the week. It’s a little story starring our orange girl kitty, Mila.

Mila’s Snow Adventure



Tate, with love.


One fine day, Mela was outside helping her human shovel the walk,

when, all of a sudden, she heard a sound.

What could it be?

She looked to the left.

She looked to the right.

Finally, she looked up,

way up . . .

“Aha!” thought Mila, “One of those tasty pretty little feathered things!”

She crouched and leapt into the air without a sound – well, almost without a sound.

Ring a ling!

Oh, that dratted bell!

“Where did he go? Come back Mr Chickadee. I only wanted to play!”

The End.

Hope you liked the story Tate! 🙂

Thanks so much for coming by! Hope you enjoyed your visit.

Happy weekend!

with love



25 thoughts on “fff ~ enjoying

  1. jill says:

    PS: Yes, Tate and Mila would have made beautiful kittens together. Tate was "done" when he was only a month old at the animal shelter. Seemed awful young…and we wonder if he will be a tiny cat when he is full grown because of that early in life snip.I think both Tate and Mila will soon be able to also call themselves "Good and Faithful Orange Cats" too, just like our Tigs, may he rest in peace. They have snoopervising down pat…and managing to pose well for the camera.Hope you feel better very very soon!


  2. Getting caught up, yes, I have to agree with the come out and play as long as the sun shines. Long Winter and lack of light.I had a cat just like yours, I put two bells on her for your same reason. She is long gone but once in awhile someone posts about a cat and my memory drifts back, thanks


  3. Tate loved the Mila pictures! He thinks Mila is really good at supervising her human, something boy Orange cats take special pride in. Her pink nose! He wants to send a nose touch to her, please giver her one and tell her it is from Tate.Bernie is in love with Mila too. He likes short haired Orange cats.He also was amazed that Roger doesn't have a snow blower. Ha…he should talk since we don't have one either!As for me: I hope Mila will have many more happy adventures captured with your beautiful camera and writing skills, and that one day children will be able to buy a copy of the latest picture book published about Mila.(Seriously Kathie…pitch the idea to a book publisher!)


  4. anneliese says:

    Kathie, thank you for your kind words on my "Perceptions"…. and you know what ? I got kind of emothional reading your favs todoay.. seeing how similar we are…Love the photo and your metion of a husband shoveling the driveway ….just like mine… and the bread rising,and the rice pudding that I would have loved to share with you and the beautiful birds!!!!Thank you.. my internet kindred friend… =)


  5. Lorna says:

    Just made rice pudding myself yesterday and I love it too. I have to ration it :>). Roger – you are like a human snow blower … very impressive work!!!! Kathie – I loved your story – so cute. Again, thank you for "home" thoughts. LOTS of love ….


  6. GReat list of faves…that bread looks great and my hubby would LOVE that recipe for rice pudding :)Cute cat anecdote…will show my youngest your pics…she loves animals!


  7. Wonderful post! Sunlight makes me feel so much better! I loved the sight of all those loaves of bread …yum.Mila sort of reminds me of my Harvey – different colored coats, but same expresssions … Very cute story, hope Tate enjoyed it!


  8. We had overcast skies for several days — it was so heartening to see the sun again.Wow, I thought I did a lot of baking this week! That's a bunch of bread.I've never actually had rice pudding. That looks yummy.Loved that story!


  9. Hi Kathie, I always enjoy your favoite fives. Your bread looks wonderfully delicious – I don't bake bread. The snow – well – what can I say – we have enough of it. But, I love the kitty story of sweet Mila – so cute and funny. Have a great weekend 🙂 Blessings, Pamela


  10. Isn't Book Depository great.?! I have Henrietta's War on my to be read list, I'd love to hear what you think of it. Will be back to posting soonblessingsNiki


  11. I loved it! Every last photo and detail! Thank you for this lovely post with a great story to finish off…you are funny!And the bread…I am in awe and wonder! You have been a busy gal!What a lot of snow for poor Roger to clean up!….it just seems to keep on coming.Great reading and….HOORAY for sunlight…which changes everything!Blessings!Joannne


  12. Getting caught up, yes, I have to agree with the come out and play as long as the sun shines. Long Winter and lack of light.I had a cat just like yours, I put two bells on her for your same reason. She is long gone but once in awhile someone posts about a cat and my memory drifts back, thanks


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