18 thoughts on “oh dear

  1. Bev Klassen says:

    It seems that the cold and flu bug has traveled from coast to coast. I too hope that someone is bringing you tea and comfort.I cuaght up on your blogs tonight and am intrigued by the Henrietta book. Is it fiction about the war in Britain? I see there is a series – a lovely thing to know when you enjoy a book.Also loved your photo story about Mila. Very sweet and such lovely photos.May God restore you to health very soon.


  2. Beth C says:

    Hope you feel better soon, Kathie. Thanks for making me feel better these past few days. 🙂 Will say a prayer for you before I sleep tonight. Got a cheat update tonight…. said 4 more sleeps. lol


  3. I just popped over to see if there was a health update!Glad you are improving.Take care and praying for a full recovery for you!Blessings!Joanne at Seasonal Hearth


  4. Hi Kathie, thanks for visiting me today. I hope you are feeling better. The sun is shining here this afternoon however we are expecting a lot of snow overnight and tomorrow. Take care and I hope you saw the sun this afternoon before the storm. :-)Blessings, Pamela


  5. Islandsparrow says:

    I'm slightly better today (no throwing up). Is that too much information?? :)But still sore throat, headache and aching all over – good thing reading my blog isn't catching!Thanks so much for the get well thoughts and prayers.xo


  6. Hi Kathie ~ I'm up in the middle of the night…sleep won't come. So I'm reading blogs and found out that you're sick. I'm so sorry! I just prayed for you. Also good news on the luggage! Will pray for Sarah, too. Get well soon!


  7. Dear Kathie,Yes, I truly hope you recover soon…am praying for you!And thank you for the update…great news that your daughter and her team have been reunited with their luggage.God is so good!Joanne


  8. Sorry you have caught the bug. I hope you feel better soon. Interesting that your daughter is in Guatamala. My nephew is also there touring for a month with the Christian band Atlantic Community (out of Moncton). How cool is that?? Take care.Blessings, Pam


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