Hey there! (2)

I’m rising up from the sickbed ~ j(ust) k(idding)

to say this,

although you may already know,


can you believe it??

Ann with a V’s book is Number 9 on Amazon’s bestseller’s list


Number 3 on Hot New Releases!

I don’t know much about  book stats on Amazon, but doesn’t it seem amazing to you?

Like God-amazing?

If only Canada Post wasn’t so sloooow delivering my copy!

I’m sure it’s the cure I need 🙂


7 thoughts on “Hey there! (2)

  1. It looks like you have been under the weather…that's not so good.Well anyways, you had me dash over to Amazon and order a few books…I read the first chapter and I was blown away..Thanks for the great suggestion.


  2. I just heard about Ann's blog from a friend a couple of days ago and her book, which I also hope to order. I think it's amazing that it's climbing so fast on the best sellers list! We are getting a terrible snow storm here right now. I hope you are spared 🙂 Get well soon! and have a great weekend. Blessings,Pam


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