FFF ~ blessing

Hi and welcome to Friday’s Fave Five, the weekly blessing list hosted by Susanne at Living To Tell The Story.

The theme of my week will be no surprise to most of you. Our daughter, Sarah, returned home safely from a wonderful mission trip to Guatemala. 

1.  She left a wintry white Prince Edward Island

 and flew to colour bright Guatemala

 2. where she saw beautiful countryside

and even more beautiful faces

3. From digging school foundations

to making corn tortillas

 From children’s ministry

to coffee plantations

From home visitations to sponsored children,

to crowded market squares,

it was all, in her own words, “Amazing!”

4. A special highlight – visiting this school at Chicoy. Her brother John helped dig the foundation for this school on his mission trip to Guatemala 6 years ago.

 5. All week long we’ve been enjoying stories and pictures.

Seeing the light and love on our girl’s face as she shares the God stories is such a gift.

And to crown the week with blessing upon blessing, guess what arrived in the mail yesterday?

I’m captivated! I’ll write more later, promise.

Thanks for spending time with me this week. I hope you enjoyed your visit!

Many blessings,

with love


14 thoughts on “FFF ~ blessing

  1. Hi Kathie ~ so glad that Sarah made it home safe, happy, and full of stories and pictures for you. Wish I could have sat in on all the telling. Enjoyed the pictures you showed to give us a taste of her trip. And thankful that you are better from your sickness. Take care!


  2. What an amazing adventure for your daughter! I'm sure she'll want to return to Guatemala (or if she wants to meet many many Guatemalans, she could visit Los Angeles). Seeing the school her brother helped to build was a highlight for her, I'm sure.


  3. What lovely, colourful photos, you must be so proud of your daughter. This will be an experience that she will never forget. And I bet you are so happy to have her home!


  4. It is great to have a camera along to document timeless moments in life – like a mission's trip. Sounds like it was a fruitful experience to those who went and to those who received.Thanks for sharing your daughter's experience with us.I am looking forward to you sharing your impressions about the book you just received.


  5. Lorna says:

    Wow … have been enjoying Sarah's trip to Guatamala. How neat that she was to the school that John helped in the building process. That truly is awesome. Have a wonderful weekend – love to all xoxoxox


  6. Sweet, sweet faces. What a trip for your daughter. And how neat to have visited the school her brother dug the foundation for. A legacy of ministry you're crafting there, an awesome testimony.Love the music on your blog, too!Happy week ahead.


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