FFF ~ joys

Hi there! We’re counting our weekly blessings with Susanne and the gang at Living To Tell The Story.

1. First and best ~ love sweet love! An engagement in the family.

Our son Rob, and his beautiful bride to be, Dorothy!

Don’t they make a sweet couple? Love you both, to the moon and back!

2. Wintry wonder

So gorgeous.

I keep running out with my camera to catch the way the light falls.

It’s like living in a snow globe


3. Winter birds ~ I can’t tell you how much joy I have from watching these little visitors.

Black-capped chickadee

Listening to the little calls and chirruping –  makes my heart sing.

American goldfinch

Downy woodpecker3. We have a new visitor this winter – I think he might have come once before but this is the first time I’ve captured him in a photo.

A Northern Flicker  – a type of woodpecker but, as you can tell from comparing the pictures, he’s quite a bit bigger than the downy woodpecker.

Such handsome plumage!

4. Indoor joys ~ early morning light on a pink tulip.

I’d love to paint this – the texture and colour are such a delight. I have my watercolours out but I think I need a lesson or two. My camera does a much better job capturing this beauty.

Spent but still beautiful 🙂

5. And speaking of beauty~ Sarah – heading off to University!

It’s so lovely to have her back and to see that sweet, sweet smile every day!

A week filled with joy ~ thanks for coming to visit!

I have to scoot to an appointment but I’ll be by to see you later in the day.

Hope your weekend brims over with joy.

with love to you,


19 thoughts on “FFF ~ joys

  1. I have no idea how I found you but I'll celebrate right along with you over the joy of an engagement. I'm so captivated by the snow falling with the sunlight….amazing….so beautiful.


  2. we have flickers too…and chickadees. but no snow at all. it's like spring here! i think i'm starting to see buds and new shoots already. ~ congratulations to Robbie and Dorothy! happy!


  3. jennie says:

    Congratulations on the engagement in your family. They are a lovely couple. I was a MOB at our first time wedding in the fall and it was a lovely experience. Much happiness to you all. I am sending greetings from Ontario where we also have plenty of the lovely white stuff and it is beautiful.


  4. Congratulations to your son on his engagement and best wishes to his fiancee! Your photos of the snow almost make me wish I lived in a colder climate. Almost. They're beautiful! And oh, those wonderful winged friends! What a treasure!


  5. cindy says:

    Congratulations to your son Rob, Dorthy and Rob make a nice couple. I don't know if you paint as well as you take photos I'll look at them. This is a nice close up of your newest visitor, he seems happy. I have to ask what you use for a camera? Did you make it this past week to the Photo seminar in Summerside this past week?Have a great week living in our globe, more on the way


  6. Blessings on the cute couple!! Oh planning a wedding is soooo much fun. Don't let the mother of the groom business scare you …it's such a blessing being included in unexpected ways. The birdie photos . .just lovely.


  7. Such a stunning post again! The photography is just so beautiful! I adore the birds!And the best news:Congratulations on your son's engagement to such a sweet girl! May they share much joy together!Blessings!Joanne


  8. Nice word picture about living in a snow globe.Congrats on a new soon-to-be family member. :)Love the pictures of your birds. I never look at what flies around here. Your photos make me think I should.Have a blessed week.


  9. Oh an engagement. Congratulations you all of you. Your photos are so so beautiful Kathie. Love all your birds and the light you captured is so amazing. Lovely smile on your sweet girl!


  10. Congratulations to your son! Let the shopping for a MOG dress begin! Or will you sew your own? My side bar has a link to our son's wedding and includes MOG tips that I learned along the way. Add whatever tips you gather into the comments, OK? There just isn't a guide book out there for the MOGs.You have tulip blooms already? Flicker are so much bigger than I thought they were. I was so surprised the first time I saw one.I'd say you have had a fabulous week!


  11. Congratulations! Lovely having a wedding to look forward to ! I love that handsome fellow at your feeder, I've never seen one before. Have a wonderful weekendNiki


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