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Welcome to Friday’s Fave Five, the weekly blessing list hosted by Susanne at Living To Tell The Story.

1. If you have your hat, mittens, snowboots and jacket, you better put them on because for this Friday Fave we’re heading out for some snowfun on Prince Edward Island.

As you can tell. there’s no shortage of snow for fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

 and look at that brilliant February sunshine!

And believe it or not, despite the wintry look, you can lift your face toward it and feel the warmth.

2. What will we do first? How about snow angels?

Did you ever make them when you were a kid? It’s easy!

  1. First find  some untrodden snow
  2. Fall backwards into it,
  3. Next wave your arms and legs in an arc
  4. then get up.

Wait . . . how did we get up without messing up our angel??

I’ve forgotten that part ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s the cutest little snow angel ever! My grand-niece Norah who is growing up in North Carolina.

She had to come up to PEI to learn how to play in the snow. (although I’ve heard rumours that NC has had their share of snowy weather this year)

Here she is with her proud Nana, my sister-in-law, college roomate, maid of honour and one of my dearest friends, Lorna.

3. She and Norah are getting ready for another Island winter tradition ~ a horse and sleigh ride.

I was sorry to miss this family outing

But my girlie made it. And, by all accounts, it was snowfun of the best kind!

4. Here’s another kind of snowfun ~ building a snow lantern. So simple and so pretty!

A snow lantern takes the sticky snowball kind of snow – which we had for one milder day this week.

Powdery snow, which is great for snowangels, skiing, snowboarding, sledding or snow-shoeing,  won’t work for snow lanterns or snowballs or snow forts or snowmen. (Didn’t I tell you there is so much fun to be had in the snow???)

My snow lanterns are the simplest kind. You can find instructions online but all you need to do is stick a candle in the snow and start to form snowballs in a circle around it. Gradually move them in closer

For the final step, light the candle and then put the final snowball on top.

My night picture doesn’t fully capture the enchanting effect of the snowy glow – but you get the idea. They’re magical!

5. I mentioned that we had only one day this week with that sticky kind of snow – so I made hay while the sun shone . . . um . . .  you know what I mean ๐Ÿ™‚ It was perfect for building snowfriends.

My new little snowgirl friend

and her snowkitty. Notice the tail?? I love it!

and don’t forget the whiskers.

Now that was snowfun!

Mila was especially intrigued.

Definitely a case of kitty love.

Thanks for coming to play in the snow with me this week! Hope you had fun!

Many blessings!

with love,

17 thoughts on “Friday Faves ~ snowfun

  1. Catherine says:

    What wonderful pictures! the cat and the snowcat are adorable, and the snow lanterns are beautiful. I'm glad you got some fun in the snow.


  2. anneliese says:

    That was the most fun in the snow I've had for a long time! Love your snowman and snowkitty! You are good!I've never seen the lanterns … how long before the snow melts, I wonder? It looks beautiful!


  3. jill says:

    I laughed at outloud at your snow kitten. I have been wanting to try making one of those (actually four…wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings!) now I see how it can be done.Re: the lanterns. I purchased the tiny electric tea light that turned colors at Home Depot. Put the electic tea light in a small clear glass votive candle holder and used that for my candle inside the snow. Seeing them change color was really cool. Of course the regular candles work great too…but this was fun alternative.PS: Tate wants to know if Mila will be his Valentine. Hope she says YES!!!


  4. Judy says:

    It all looks rather magical…but I do love those snow lanterns!


  5. Kathie, I really enjoyed your snow fun day! There really is a lot to do in winter with all the snow we have especially when the temperatures are nearer the freezing mark! Love your snow person and the kitty. Sweet pictures of Mila and her new friend :-)Have a great weekend and Happy Valentine's Day to you! Blessings, Pamela


  6. Willow says:

    What fun you've had with the snow! I'd never heard of snow lanterns although I've made snow angels on the mountains in Oregon. But my favorite is the snow kitty!


  7. Laura says:

    I want to come! This looks like SO much fun. Love your ending of the "kitties" together!Hope next week is a great one for you, too.


  8. Joanne says:

    Such a pretty, pretty post! I loved taking this winter walk with you. Today the sun was shining here as well and I drank it in! Such a warm February sun! Sigh…PEI is magical all year around! It truly is!Thank you for sharing such gorgeous photos including the one of your SIS Lorna and her sweet granddaughter Norah!Stay warm,Joanne who heard the birds chirping again so merrily this morning despite the cold temperatures!


  9. Kim says:

    Love it all, Kathie, esp. the snow lanterns – who thinks of these things?!


  10. Barbara H. says:

    Love the real kitty meeting the snow kitty! And the pine cones for eyes — neat idea! You've obviously had a lot more snow-person experience than we have here in the southern US. LOVE the snow lanterns! And the sleigh ride looks like fun.


  11. Lorna says:

    Thanks for the "shout out." :>) That was sweet!!! Love the snow lantern – I'll have to try that since we still have a considerable amount of snow here as well. Loved the pictures of your kitty and her "friend." So cute. Have a wonderful weekend. Love you …


  12. faith says:

    How creative!! Love it! will show this to my 12 year old she will just love the cat pics!! and your niece is just adorable!! Great list, thanks for sharing such beautiful pics….


  13. ellen b says:

    Oh you know how to have fun! I'm so glad you document it and share it with us. What fun the snowmen, snowcats and real cats are! Love those snow lanterns…very cool. Our daughter Katie will be living in North Carolina after she marries her Marine. Have a wonderful weekend!


  14. Jerri says:

    I never heard of snow lanterns- so cool! I would love to see that. We had the dry powdery snow this week, so I'll have to wait.I adore your snowfriends- and I love that last picture with Mila and the snow kitty.


  15. Thatโ€™s some serious snow! Yes, I could feel the warmth from that sunshine. Gorgeous. I have never even heard of snow lanterns. But I love them! And your cat photos. So cute.


  16. lovella says:

    Oh Kathie. .it is all so pretty. I am envious of the beautiful snow you've had. I love your house with it's icicles hanging ..so picture perfect. Oh ..and your sweet friend and little Nora. . .lovely shots of them.Then there is your cat and her friend. . love it.


  17. Niki says:

    Wonderful snow fun!!!! I am laughing at the feline romance, perfect pictures, and impressed with your snow creativity! We had a heavy blanket here as well, little Henry and Grampa were tunnel building last night :-)I want Lovella's chives though…..spring….sigh…..have a snowy happy weekend!Niki


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