Such a full week here at a Sparrow’s Home!

So thanks to Susanne for inviting us to join her in counting the blessings in Friday’s Fave Five.

1. The highlight of the week was my beloved’s birthday on Feb 16th.

(his favourite picture!)

We’ve been celebrating all week long – a supper with friends, dinner tonight with Mom and Dad and all the family will be here on Sunday for another celebration! Andrew and Hyekoo will join us by Skype. Fun times!

2. On Valentine’s Day we went out for dinner with dear friends – we’ve been friends since our dating days. Lots of laughter and stories shared around the table! Forgot the camera though . . .

3. Last Saturday I joined my bff fun director, Rinda, and her grandboy, Xan, for some nana practice at the Jack Frost festival.

Fun outdoors and indoors! Xan is the sweetest little boy! No fussing all day and it was a long one!

 4. Nana practice twice in one week!! Josh and Ethan, our adopted grandsons, invited us to Grandfriend’s Day at their school this week.

So sweet to have those little faces smiling at us as they sang their songs and recited their welcome verses for all the grandparents! Then we decorated cookies together, played games and even had our portraits drawn 🙂

5. Phew . . . what a week! And I didn’t even mention the 2 visits to my physiotherapist – not the most fun part but I’m certainly thankful for her as I am making progress with this bursitis.

Even with all the coming and going, I had time to capture some lovely winter scenes.

February sunrise.

February Full Snow Moon

Island style yard art!

How long will it get??

Redpoll finch

Hope you enjoy my winter pictures! We have to make the most of it here on PEI – look at those drops – it won’t last forever!


(that’s my subtle(?) protest against winter complaining)

* * * * * * * * * * *

Thanks so much for coming by to join me in my Friday Fave post.

Your visits and cheery hellos add to my blessing list!

Hope your weekend is full to overflowing with good things!

with love

17 thoughts on “Friday Faves ~ full!

  1. Carrie, RtK says:

    The picture of the water drops is stunning!And I love the idea of the Jack Frost Festival. What a lot of fun!


  2. Abbie McCann says:

    Thats a great summary of your week, Kathie! I especially like the pictures of mom and Xan at the Jack Frost festival. I knew you all went and was hoping to see some pictures! I love the picture of Roger with his beloved woodpile. He must be so proud. 🙂


  3. Sherrin says:

    It has been an absolute pleasure to catch a glimpse of your world again! thank you!


  4. Catherine says:

    That is a LOT of wood!! You take such wonderful pictures. I feel like I'm right there.


  5. Susanne says:

    Happy Birthday to your hubby. Looks like lots of celebrating abounded this week! Love, love, love that last picture of the drops falling down off the roof.


  6. cindy says:

    Amazing drops and pictures as well


  7. Gattina says:

    Looks fun but cold ! I am longing for spring now !!


  8. Stephani says:

    You really did get some good shots. I really like the photo with the sunset and the barn!


  9. Brenda says:

    I love that picture of your husband as well. I love all those pics! You have beautiful snow on PEI, how could anyone complain? 😉


  10. Willow says:

    A very happy birthday to your husband! Love that photo!You've made winter look enticing with those photos. What an amazing icicle!


  11. Hazel says:

    At first glance on the first photo I thought they were rocks behind your husband. Then I saw the ax and oh, ok they are logs 🙂 You have beautiful captures. My favorite is of the bird. Little fellow must be thinking it's his supply of nuts 🙂 The grandkids are having so much fun and I'm having fun looking at their photos.


  12. A week of celebration. How fun! I love Skype too. A wonderful use of technology. All these winter scenes look forward to me now. We’ve finally had temps in the upper 60s this week. Whoopee! All the kids in your life as so precious. Yes, you did have a very full and blessed week!


  13. Jerri says:

    What a busy full week with wonderful celebrations and photos!You are right, we should not complain about winter. God has a purpose for each of our days – uncomfortable as they might be!


  14. nikkipolani says:

    Wow, Kathie, another gorgeous fun week 🙂 That shot of the droplets are amazing. And I really like the decorated tree.


  15. Niki says:

    Gosh, I always love your pictures!!! so beautiful :)Life is busy here too, but so good.Have a great weekend,Niki


  16. Great pictures Kathie. You had a busy week. The Jack Frost Festival looks wonderful! They have THE best fireworks don't they? (I've never been, just saw it on Live at 5) Your last shot of the water drop is perfect! I am protesting winter too and there are ice pellets bouncing off the snow this morning after a gorgeous day yesterday! Spring IS coming though 😀 Pam


  17. Kim says:

    Hi Kathie,Could you send some of that firewood this way? Love that picture – the contrast between the suit and the axe – perfect!Looks like fun at the festival, too!


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