Storm system tracks toward the Maritimes…   

Another weekend storm.

I’ve heard rumours of 60-80 20-40 cm . . . phew! it was a rumour!! πŸ™‚

Where will it go? We can barely see over the banks now.

I’m not complaining

but you might understand why I’m re-reading this book.


with love,

PS – I might not be posting for a few days as my laptop is heading to the shop for some fixing. I’ll try to get around to visit  on Sarah’s laptop if I can figure out how to navigate an Apple πŸ™‚


17 thoughts on “whaat?

  1. Hi Kathie…you have a gorgeous blog and your photos are lovely. The Little House Books are a childhood favorite of mine and I find myself reading them every few years, even though I'm heading toward 50 πŸ™‚ Warmly,jules


  2. How nice to stumble upon a fellow Islander's blog! Well, I'm technically 'from away' but I like to pretend I'm not because PEI feels like home to me πŸ™‚ You have a lovely blog, I've bookmarked you and am going to add you to the list of links on my blog (hope you don't mind!). Isn't the snow here crazy?! I don't mind it so much because I am indoors most of the time and it's so nice to look at from inside my warm house πŸ™‚ Anyway, I'm off to explore your blog some more now!


  3. Well, down here in Albany, NY we received 8 more inches of heavy, wet white stuff…..just when it was starting to look a little bit like spring….sigh….that book is perfect…my youngest daughter especially liked that particular one! ENJOY


  4. Nan says:

    Maybe you will be wooed by her computer and get your own! ;<) That's all we've ever had. We had snow all day today. I'm still in love with winter though.


  5. I love winter but this one does seem to be really long, doesn't it? Even with our chinooks the snow is never totally going away. Sure does make pretty pictures though! :v)


  6. I'm groaning too Kathie! I can't believe we're getting more snow tomorrow and rumours of more on Monday as well?? Let's just pray it doesn't warm up too fast and melt all at once! That would be a disaster. I actually enjoyed using our daughter's Mac when we were visiting them. It's not bad at all. πŸ™‚ Enjoy your book and stay cozy.


  7. Yes, it is a long winter…but you make it so appealing with your gorgeous photos! I love all of your recent posts!Our computer is also in for repairs, so I am navigating my daughter's laptop…not comfortable with it! I did figure out how to plug in the mouse so that I can scroll….I am really not a tech at all so I marvel at myself that I could even figure out the blog thing.Stay warm and cosy Kathie and enjoy re-reading a favourite book of mine.I am reading:Unaccustomed Earth and Secret Daughter, both to gain more insight into the Indian culture.Blessings!Joanne


  8. Compared to you we got a smidgen of snow late yesterday. It is cold for the Northwest…We are not suppose to get above freezing much the next couple of days. I'm happy to not have to go anywhere. Enjoy navigating the Mac!That is a very appropriate read for this winter…


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