Just looking at my new spring template!

It’s not quite “spring” outside here yet


 rain and southern winds are doing a good work on the snowbanks


this happy yellow circle is in the forecast every day this week.

It won’t be long before

I am doing this!



9 thoughts on “happy

  1. I wanna come too! Love those oh so blue eggs.We got a foot of snow last night but the sun will banish it from our yard and we will be springtime in another day.


  2. I am so ready for spring this year. Today we just might get a glimpse of it. The morning started off at -23*C and by this afternoon it is supposed to be 2* with the rest of the week all above 0. Keeping my fingers crossed!


  3. Hooray indeed!! I love your banner and the springy colours of your template! I am wondering how does one put more than one picture at the top (banner)? I have tried and can't figure the measurements. I have Piccassa and Picknic which I use. I also have Photoshop which is totally greek to me 🙂 I've tried collages but they are always too big. I would sure appreciate your help. Thanks so much. Have a great sunny day! Pamela


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