Welcome to Friday’s Favourite Five! We’re counting our blessings again with Suzanne at Living To Tell The Story.

I think there is one word to describe a Prince Edward Island spring . . .


When all of bloggersville is bursting with blooms and blossoms,  we’re in a kind of waiting stage.




But sure enough, every year without fail, spring finally comes.

Every day, I’m watching for the changes – they make me so. happy.!

1. The grass is turning green and the daffodils, large and small, dance in the breeze.

This, my very dear friends, is blue sky – it’s been a rare commodity this spring.

The tulips are just about to open

and the grape hyacinth is beginning to bloom.

Grape hyacinthAnd here are some cheery little primula ~ a bright spot in the still bare garden.

Primula2. Ah . . . . the birds are returning. How can I describe how happy these tiny, brightly feathered, creatures make me feel?

white-throated sparrowEvery morning I turn my chair (which in the winter faces the woodstove) so that I can look out the window and watch them as I have my quiet time. I wrap myself in a  blanket and open the window (yes Island springs are a bit chilly) so I can listen to the the dawn chorus.

american goldfinchesHave you ever listened to the songbirds’ dawn chorus? It’s a lovely way to celebrate spring!

Purple finch3. Another sure sign of spring – the ferry is running again between Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. The Northumberland Strait was grey and choppy when I took this photo but it won’t be long before I’m swimming in there – the warmest water north of the Carolinas!! (Incredulous? Check here)

The Confederation4. And here’s another sign – lobster season is open! All along the coastline, you can look out and see the tiny fishing boats bobbing up and down on the Strait.

We haven’t had any lobster yet but we will very soon!

5. Springtime is a lovely time to get outside walking – my girl and I have been walking in the woods lately. It’s so nice to be in the fresh air – despite the grey weather we’ve been having.

The leaves aren’t out yet but the red maples are budding.

and there are vernal pools for exploring.

Hope you enjoyed a little taste of an Island spring.

Thanks so much for coming by.

Have a wonderful weekend!

with love,

14 thoughts on “FFF ~ celebrating spring!

  1. anneliese says:

    I never seize to be amazed at you bird photos! They sit very still for you I must say. =)


  2. Jody says:

    Wonderful Spring Awakening! The birds and flowers and trees are beginning to awaken here too, slowly but surely.Jody


  3. Bev K says:

    Our spring has been long, cold and very rainy. We are so ready for the sun that they are promising at the end of this week.The spring flowers and blossoms are the only things that remind us what month it is and keeps our spirits hopeful. Now the daffodils are finished and the tulips are starting to drop their petals.I love your birds – here we have the Gold Crowned Sparrow and the House Finch as well as the American Goldfinch. This past week the Evening Grosbeaks arrived and it's been so much fun watching them all. My DH has been snapping pictures and I'll be doing a post on them soon.


  4. Susanne says:

    We seem very behind too. But there is some greenery starting to poke through now. Your pictures are gorgeous and the one's of the birds are just lovely.


  5. Willow says:

    Everyone has been declaring that their spring is late in coming, even in CA. Seeing and hearing the birds are sure signs that spring really has arrived! Love those daffodils and primulas!!


  6. Sandy says:

    Your photos are wonderful and very colorful.Our spring is long over and all our beautifulblossoms left and now everything is just green.Waiting for the crape myrtles to bloom.Our water in NC is not really warm…Never seemsto get warm either….Enjoy your spring.Sandy In NC


  7. susan says:

    kathie, the photos of your spring flowers are gorgeous. makes me wish i had some here. i don't know much about birds, but your photos show me what i am missing. some spring i hope i get to explore the vernal pools in your neck of the world. thanks for sharing your spring with us.


  8. Your pictures are so beautiful that you don't even need the words.. but your descriptions are like art, too! Thank you for bringing PEI Spring to me tonight!


  9. Barbara H. says:

    So glad spring is finally arriving there in all its glory! Gorgeous photos!


  10. Faith says:

    well since with the price of gas it is extremely unlikely that I will get to go to PEI this summer, at least I've been able to enjoy some of it thru your wonderful pictoral blog!! Great pics as always…my grape hyacinth is up and bloomed as are the few tulips that survived the bunny who lives under our deck…..and my grass is ready to be mown…..have a wonderful Mother's Day and enjoy your weekend…


  11. ellen b says:

    Why yes I did enjoy the photos of your slow to start Spring. We have even been slow here. I, too, love it when the birds return with their sweet chirping. Have a wonderful weekend!


  12. Ahh yes, the late spring arrival has us all atwitter doesn't it? It's cool, cloudy and dare I say it – there is a patch of blue in the sky right now! Your photos are so pretty and I'm glad you took a positive stance to our late spring. There is beauty all around us if we just look and take it all in. Have a very blessed mother's day Kathie! Pamela


  13. nikkipolani says:

    Hurray for spring on PEI! These are great signs, Kathie. Those birds look like they're ready for spring, too.


  14. Niki says:

    We are so woefully behind here as well, but there has been slow progress. The week ahead looks good!Love your beautiful pictures Kathie,have a blessed week :)Niki


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