Even though Prince Edward Island is the smallest province with the smallest population, we have had quite a few royal visits over the years.

I remember waving at the younger Queen and Prince Philip on several occasions, all decked out in my Brownie or Girl Guide uniform.

My sister was home on her annual summer visit when the Duke and Duchess of York came to the Island in 1989.

Her 6 year old daughter, Meg, was going through the little girl princess stage and wanted to see a real live princess. There was a children’s fair so I took the 3 older boys along for the fun. John Alec, who was about 4, was quite impressed with Meg’s choice of outfit for the occasion. She wore a long, frilly dress, a “pearl” necklace and a wreath of flowers in her hair. We had a front row spot to see the royals as they did their walkabout.  But when John saw Her Royal Highness, Sarah Ferguson, approaching,  he was quite disappointed and announced in a very high, clear (and loud) voice, “She doesn’t look like a princess!”  Sarah Ferguson heard him and laughed delightedly. Then said to everyone within earshot, “Did you hear him? He said I don’t look much like a princess”.  I think John Alec was expecting that a princess should at least wear a crown. 🙂

I am always a little surprised  that PEI is included in so many of the royals’ Canadian travel tours. We are such a small province  – our total population isn’t as big as most Canadian cities. 

Perhaps it’s because of our historical significance since Prince Edward Island is considered the birthplace of Canada. But there are many historical sites in Canada.

It’s very true that our province is beautiful

click to enlarge but there are many beautiful places in Canada.

This summer we’re having another royal visit. Prince William and Kate are coming to Canada on their first official royal tour as a newlywed couple. 

They are only making four stops in the whole country and I was surprised once more to learn that our little province is on their itinerary.

Can you guess why the royals chose PEI this time?

I read it on CBC this morning . . .

It appears that the newest member of the British royal family is the one who insisted on making a stop in P.E.I. in early July.

News organizations around the globe are reporting that the deciding factor in Prince William and his wife Kate’s (Middleton) decision to visit P.E.I. July 3 and 4 is the bride’s long love affair with a classic P.E.I. novel, Anne of Green Gables . . .

She asked to visit the country’s smallest province – Prince Edward Island – with Prince William, as it featured in the book Anne Of Green Gables.

 ‘It is something of a sentimental journey. The book was Kate’s favourite when she was growing up.’

 Anne of Green Gables love strikes again!

Now ~ that’s not surprising!!

8 thoughts on “A royal surprise

  1. Lorna says:

    That's awesome!!!!! :>)


  2. Lorna says:

    That's awesome!!!!! :>)


  3. Pamela Langford says:

    I can well understand Kate's wish, I have the same one for the same reason and I am 67 years old. I'll be looking forward to reading of the visit on your blog. Kind regards.


  4. ellen b says:

    That is just fabulous! Should make quite on stir on the Island. :0)


  5. I think that's so exciting to have Prince William and Kate visit the island! I would love to be there to see them. It would be quite an event. Are you planning on getting a view of them? Blessings, Pamela


  6. Jerri says:

    Anyone who love Anne of Green Gables would want to visit! I think the royals come to your province because it is so beautiful.


  7. lynn says:

    The love for a cherished book bringing people together, isn't that amazing? Whether it's a housewife who dreams of visiting PEI reading a blog , or a princess, or countless little girls over the years we all have that in common.


  8. Susanne says:

    Now how cool is that. Of course, I'm thinking that your jaw dropping beautiful countryside and beaches and your warm, welcoming people might have had a touch to do with it too. Say hello to the Duke and Duchess for me, would you? :v)


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