hope blooms

I love to wander around the yard in late springtime. The whole world is so green and vibrant!

After a long winter, my eyes are plain hungry for green. PEI springtime doesn’t disappoint.

And then there are the blossoms:  flowering crabapple



rhododendrons – last year this bush was lovely and green but no blooms.

I was tempted to dig it out because I wanted flowers in that spot.

But patience prevailed and was rewarded this year!

I had the same problem with my hydrangeas last summer.

What a disappointment to wait and wait but not one bloom – and these are the ones called Endless Summer named for their potential to bloom for the whole season.

This is what the bed looked like all last summer. Green hostas and green hydrangeas. The hydrangeas came so close to their demise. I didn’t want all that green.

But I was told by a wonderful gardener friend – “Wait. Have patience. They may bloom next year.” So I heeded the advice and swallowed the disappointment. I followed the fall pruning instructions to the letter.

And hoped all winter long . . .

The bushes came up this spring – lovely little green shoots and leaves. I was examining them every day for signs of buds . . .

Then this week I noticed something. I had to look closely but there it was – curled up between the leaves.

Tiny little buds! The bushes are covered with them!

True, they are green but this is what they will become . . . .

 Just in time to make the yard wedding beautiful 🙂


It makes me think of other hopes and dreams hidden away inside me – like the tiny buds nestled in the hydrangeas leaves. Ones far more important and lovely than flowers, beautiful as they may be.

I’m cultivating patience with them too. And waiting – in hope.

I know I won’t be disappointed.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him,
so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  Romans 15:13


9 thoughts on “hope blooms

  1. I always love your photos…they really are special.Patience patience patience….does it ever get any easier….I hoped as I grew older….but…not really….can't wait to see that flower bed photographed later this summer!have a blessed weekend!Niki


  2. My girlfriend was just telling me that a peony she transplanted when they moved into their current home just bloomed for the first time this year…20 years later. Your yard is blooming beautifully.


  3. joannainca. says:

    thank you for mentioning the hydrangeas. i planted 5 Nikko Blue just a few weeks ago. i hope they bloom next year but if not, i will be patient. i have always wanted hydrangeas and now that i'm 50, i finally have them, lol. please post a picture when they bloom. 🙂


  4. I hear you, Kathie. I, too, am starved for color, and I feast my eyes during our country drives. The only things missing yet are the crops filling the red dirt fields. Soon, though!


  5. Islandsparrow says:

    PS – that's why I need to go down and visit you in our "early spring" (snow and cold wet rain) – and take a swim in that pool!!


  6. Islandsparrow says:

    We follow the dates 🙂 although I'll have to admit – spring doesn't really arrive on March 21 – and winter comes in Nov not Dec. We really are the true North 🙂


  7. Just beautiful, Kathie. But it's funny for me to think of mid-June as late spring. It's high summer here! We're far past the vibrancy of spring green and well into summer!


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