Friday Fave update

Hi there!

I’m glad you could drop by for Friday’s Fave 5

Susanne and friends are counting the blessings from the past week. If you want to join in the fun, pop over to Living To Tell The Story.

It’s been a cold wet spring so far on the Island, so I really am amazed that blossoms are brave enough to show their faces.

In fact, this is what greeted Roger and me when we arrived home last Sunday night from a family gathering for Father’s Day.

No, it isn’t s**w – it’s hail!  Apparently it hit parts of the Island that evening.

And look what it did to my hosta (she said, mournfully)

 I really wish that I could have been there to take a video. It didn’t hail at all where we were.

2. Our first thought when we saw the hail damage was with our dear friends who own strawberry fields – thankfully they were spared!

Roger ventured out a couple of days later to see how things were going at the farm. For the first time,  our friends grew some of the berry crop under plastic and look what Roger nicked  – er –  oops –  I mean picked yesterday!

June 23rd – the earliest date for Prince Edward Island strawberries that we’ve ever known.

And they were oh. so. sweet!!

3. Speaking of sweet – is there anything sweeter or more intoxicating  than the fragrance of lilacs?

I wonder sometimes if people think me strange – I can’t pass by a lilac bush without burying my face in the purple blossoms and inhaling that lovely perfume.

lilacs by the old New Glasgow church4. Another famous Island blossom is lining our country roads, fields and ditches now.

It’s lupin season.

I haven’t got my fill taking pictures of these beauties yet. Just hoping for a little more sunlight so that I can try to capture their breath-taking splendour.

5. I saw my first Cedar Waxwing this week – I didn’t know what kind of bird it was.

I couldn’t get the best angle as the tree was in full leaf  – but at any angle, he’s certainly a handsome fellow with his rakish mask! I love the yellow tipped tail feathers.

 I have another little story about birds. We have several pairs of mourning doves nesting in the trees around our home. They are aptly named with their soft, drawn-out calls that sound like laments. They come to the feeder tree and peck the fallen seeds on the ground.

But one mourning dove does something different. Here’s our finch feeder – built to keep the larger, greedier birds like bluejays and blackbirds away. The feeding openings are tiny and the base is also quite small.

A mourning dove can’t eat from the tiny openings.

But this mourning dove isn’t deterred by the size of the feeder. 

He occasionally nibbles the seeds on the bottom but mostly he just sits there. Usually the finches will fly away at the approach of  larger birds but they don’t seem to mind the gentle dove.

I often look out the window and see him just perched there, calmly observing the world. πŸ™‚

I’ll leave you with a bonus picture that I took one evening this week. Such a perfect Island scene – red soil, potato fields, green meadows, blue water and sky.

An Island evening (click to enlarge)Well . . I hope you enjoyed your FFF visit with me this week. Thanks so much for coming by!

Happy Friday!

with love,


13 thoughts on “Friday Fave update

  1. Bev K says:

    Each time I see your pictures I long to visit your Island. It's the only province we haven't visited and II'm sure It will be one of my favourites when we finally get the chance to spend some time there. Your photos are, as usual, so evocative and lovely.


  2. Oh dear…the damage hail can do so quickly! Great photos of the birds and blooms…love the lilac with the church in the background. And the strawberries look most delicious.


  3. Sandy in NC says:

    What wonderful pictures you post!!! I love lilacs and their marvelous smell and how pretty they are….In the Southit is hard to have lilac bushes…I have a dwarf lilac bush thatgave her first lilacs this spring…but only lasted a short time.Love your birds and your Island pictures. and the strawberries.My friend from NB said that the Island is beautiful.Thank you and God BlessSandy in NC


  4. Oh, poor little hosta plant. I hope it recovers. That is some hail.Those strawberries look luscious! My mouth is just watering from your pictures.I'm with you in burying my nose into lilacs. So lovely.


  5. Joyce says:

    Kathie, Your pictures are wonderful! I, too, bury my nose in every lilac I pass πŸ™‚ Isn't that what they are there for?We don't have lupine here — gorgeous! and the Cedar Waxwing, and the Mourning Dove…they are all lovely. Thank you so much for sharing your lovelies!


  6. I love seeing your weekly pictures! Strawberries and lupins – 2 of our favourite things about PEI. My dad loved the lupins most on his visit to the East Coast when our daughter got married in Nova Scotia in 2004. He still talks about them! Is it the New Glasgow community that has an awesome lobster supper? I hope your hosta recovers. Thank you for letting me ramble on πŸ™‚


  7. Your dove is so precious. Visiting your FFF posts are a time for me to learn about your island's beauty. Thanks for sharing what's unique about your home. I love lupins mainly because my dad loved them.


  8. Oh my. Your poor hosta. We didn't get any of that hail, thank goodness.Strawberries already! I wonder how they can be so early when we've had such a cold spring. Silly berries.Love the photo of the lilac with the church in the background – perfect.


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