A royal weekend!

Hello to everyone on this Friday, first of July and a lovely, long holiday weekend for Canadians and Americans alike!

I’m joining with Susanne and friends to count the blessings, the highlights, the joys, little and big, over the last week.

Here are some of the highlights of the week (and weekend to come):

1. Lupins! I had loads of fun taking some lupin shots this week. I’m not done yet either but here are a few favourites.

This next one is slightly out of focus, but the evening light in the centre gives it a dreamy quality that I love.

and this one – beach plus lupines – a winning combination!

click to enlarge2. Pilates! I’m really enjoying my Pilates exercises. I took a 7 week course and now I’m exercising with a few 1.youtube 2.videos that are great for 3.beginners. I’m aiming for DAILY exercise – pilates and walking. And I’m doing fairly well. This site is especially fun for keeping track of your workouts. I’ve connected with Tonia and Beth there. Although they’re miles (literally) ahead of me!

3. A makeover for the Anne of Green Gables musical that runs all summer long. How many times have I gone to this show ?? Hmmm – I’ve lost track. It’s an Island tradition and a must see when visitors come to PEI.

 4. And speaking of must sees. . . the whole Island is in a royal dither getting ready for this weekend! 🙂 Prince William and Kate are coming to call.

And guess what Roger and I have? An invitation to the ball . . . um, reception!

Here’s my ID badge that must be worn at all times.

And yes! we can bring personal cameras. This is a blogging event not to be missed 🙂

5. Finally a very Happy Canada Day everyone!! And also an early Happy 4th of July wish to my American friends! The irony of it all is not lost on me – here we Canadians are celebrating our connection with the royals and all my American buddies are celebrating their disconnection with the royals – lol!! Good thing we’re all friends now, no matter what side of the border you land!

Here’s a little Drew Jim Carey clip to enjoy – funny! (thanks for picking that one up Andrew – you should edit all my posts!!)

Thanks for joining my Friday Fave Five fun!

with love,


13 thoughts on “A royal weekend!

  1. The lupins are amazing! I was just talking to somebody yesterday – We have both read Anne of Green Gables a zillion times and said we absolutely have to get to PEI before we die! I'd be one of the crazy tourists going to the show. Thank you for having it!I hope you enjoyed Canada Day – and I HAVE to read about the reception. How exciting! I hope it was wonderful.


  2. Wow! This is a reception NOT to be missed! Hurray! I'm looking forward to seeing your photos!The lupines are beautiful–especially the photo of the win-win beach and lupines.Happy Canada Day to you.


  3. You are so lucky to have that invitation!! Have fun and please take lots of pictures to show us! And your lupin pictures are beautiful. Happy Canada Day to you too.


  4. Congratulations on getting the invitation to the reception! I hope you have a fab time!Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous, esp. the beach one. LOVE it. PEI is one place I would love to visit someday. It's a long trek from here (central Illinois – south of Chicago.)Have a great week!


  5. I was going to post lupins as a favorite this week but I never did get around to taking some photos. I'm excited that you get to attend the reception for the Duke and Dutchess (and at Dalvay by the Sea, at that….oh, the tea and deserts *lol*). I look forward to the blog post(s) to follow!


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