A fun day ~ despite the rain!

Here we are, dressed in the required “smart casual”, totally covered by our rain ponchos!

Waiting for the bus to take us to the reception at Dalvay by the Sea.

 We watched Prince William, a Royal Air Force rescue helicopter pilot, land a Sea King on the lake in a simulated emergency situation.

Both he and Kate took part in a Dragon Boat race.

which we watched on the big screen.

We sampled Island fare:

oysters, mussels, Island beef with sweet onion marmalade, potato chowder, pork and beef belly and strawberry shortcake.

There was music and dancing for entertainment.

Meaghan Blanchard   – a favourite Island singer.

And then the walkabout.

This is how close I was. 🙂

Prince William was on one side – that’s our Premier, Robert Ghiz, standing under the other umbrella.

And on my side?

Kate! Yay!!

Both Will and Kate were so relaxed, chatting and shaking hands with as many of the crowd as they could reach.


They were especially attentive to little children.

My turn next!


I shook her hand and thanked her for coming to the Island – then, like a good Islander, apologized for the weather 🙂

My camera was getting spotted with rain.

No visit to PEI would be complete without a photo op with famous “Islanders”, Anne Shirley and Matthew Cuthbert.

A day to remember!

Thanks for coming along with me!

12 thoughts on “royal watching

  1. Bev K says:

    What a fun experience for you. And how nice you took us along. Rain or shine, P E Islanders know how to throw an unforgettable party.


  2. anneliese says:

    Aw.. I love it! You got some greatpictures! I love the umbrella, dotted with raindrops.. it looks like a veil.


  3. Susanne says:

    How awesome! You did get close. She is absolutely lovely! They are in Calgary today so I'll be watching on the tv. Thousands were camped in line for tickets for days so there is no way I'll be going there. LOL.


  4. Kathie, how exciting for you! I watched Live @ 5 and saw a few friends there too. You got some great photos despite the rain. They seem to be such a down to earth couple and were well received. Have a great week and hope this hot sunny weather comes your way. Hugs, Pamela


  5. Sommer says:

    How exciting! Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience :-)Lots of love,Sommer


  6. ellen b says:

    Oh what fun for you and the whole Island! You really were up close! The food looked amazing!


  7. Joanne says:

    WOW! What a wonderful opportunity for you! I love all of your photos and thank you for taking us along on the journey!Yes, I am such a fan of William and Catherine and am so proud of them!They certainly won many hearts here in Canada!Thanks Kathie!Cheers!Joanne


  8. Judy says:

    How special was that? I watched it all from a distance…on CTV Newsnet as I walked on the treadmill yesterday. You got some wonderful photos!


  9. How very, very lovely. Thanks for sharing it with us, Kathie.


  10. Missy K says:

    Oh, Kathie, how lovely and exciting! Thank you for sharing it with us!


  11. Beth says:

    Looks like it was a fun day, despite the rain!


  12. How exciting! It looks like it was a wonderful day in spite of the weather. I love how down to earth they are – and she is just so sweet and stunning. What an asset to the royal family she is!


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