Friday Faves – savouring summer!

Hi there and welcome to Friday’s Fave 5

Time to count the blessings with Susanne and the Friday Favers at Living To Tell The Story.

Our summers are short on PEI – so I like to savour every moment that I can. There are so many beautiful gifts to enjoy every day. Here’s a few from this past week:

1.buckets of beautiful strawberries

for jam-making

summer sweetness bottled up in jars

I like to display the fruits of our labour on the woodstove for a few days before they head down to the basement.

 Pure satisfaction! Plus 28 containers of crushed berries tucked in the freezer for ice-cream and yogurt

and containers of individually frozen berries for smoothies. We’ll enjoy them come winter!

2. But, lest you think it’s been all work around here . . . there’s been hammock time with reading.

Such an abundance of good books lately! I’ll have to do a bookish post next week to tell you all about the delicious reading I’ve been enjoying.

3. and time to walk hand in hand along the boardwalk in Charlottetown.

4. to watch the setting sun paint the sky pink over the harbour

5. and of course beach time.

sunny days = beach 

that’s my summer equation ~ the kind of math I really like!

Hope you’re finding time to savour summer.

Thanks for coming by to visit!! I enjoy your comments and friendly hellos!

Don’t forget to stop over to Susanne‘s if you’d like to join in the FFF fun.

Happy weekend!

with love,


11 thoughts on “Friday Faves – savouring summer!

  1. Susan says:

    Hi Kathie! I found you! I just got internet set up in my house, and I've been looking around for some of my old favorite blogs. Yours is just as beautiful as ever! How fun to get to see William and Kate! And those strawberries look so good. I hope to be filling my freezer withe strawberries this week. . .Take care,Susan (of the retired High Desert Home blog)


  2. LOVE your photos! The ones on your banner, in this post. They all say "summer." Just beautiful. The strawberry jam is a great way to carry summer over into the winter. Enjoy:)


  3. As usual, after I read one of your posts, Kathie, with all the gorgeous pix (no birds this week), I WANT to call up the travel agent to book a holiday to PEI. One of these days. I love strawberry anything! Where do you get your strawberries? The bottles of jam do look gorgeous hugging the stove.Wish i were close enough to the beach to have a walk right now as I've got a beach-craving! Have a great week.


  4. Summer may be short in your neck of the woods, but it sure is pretty! I agree, you have to enjoy it and savor beautiful moments while they're there. That's what I did this afternoon too, I enjoyed the sunshine and the blue skies to the fullest because I know it's going to rain all weekend, and it rained all day yesterday too! Oh well, I guess it buys me some extra blogging time.I plan to post the Diavolo Shrimp recipe on Monday if I can find the time to prepare a post on Sunday. It is a bit spicy, but it's delicious. I so enjoyed your beautiful photos Kathie and your strawberry jam looks mouthwateringly delicious! You can be proud of your work!


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