wedding prep

A little wave and friendly hello to my favourite blogging buddies!

Things are quiet here on A Sparrow’s Home ~ but things are hopping at our IRL home!

We’re busy as the proverbial bee!

This Saturday 180 plus people arrive for a grand celebration – our son Robbie and his so-dear-to-us fiancée, Dorothy, will be married. Wedding in the backyard – a catered reception in the front yard under a huge tent.

Here’s the done, and still to-do, list:

  • hosted the MacPhee family wedding shower  – such fun! (pictures to come)
  • baking, baking, baking! (some lovely new recipes! I promise to share 🙂
  • planning a “rustic” dessert bar – something like this (I hope!!)

  • cooking (30 plus for the rehearsal dinner on Thurs. – a cold plate)
  • trimming the flowerbeds and garden (in between rain showers)
  • replacing the platform under the woodstove (ahem .  . .perhaps not the best week but there you go! I just thought I’d add to the general commotion 🙂
  • painting (entryway, deck and barn finished – some trim yet to do – we need sun!)
  • getting the guestroom ready (oldest son Andrew and sweet wife Hyekoo arrive home Thurs. Yay!)
  • generally trying to keep calm and rested 🙂 (prayer and a quiet time in the morning makes for a peaceful start to every day. The Lord doesn’t mind the little details. It makes me happy to think that His very first recorded miracle was at a wedding. At His mother’s request!  Isn’t that a comfort to every mother’s heart!)

I think Roger and I must have the best friends in the world! We really do. We have so much help. From hosting showers, to making desserts and salads, to loaning straw bales and trucks to deliver them, to lending cake plates and pearls, to cooking mussels (in a chef’s hat and apron no less), to helping set and serve the rehearsal party, volunteering to clean for me (God bless her!!) to making flower centerpieces, to plan and set up the dessert table . . . the list goes on.

We’re so thankful to the Lord for loving family and friends.

If you think of us, please lift up a little prayer. I’d be so grateful!

with love and thanks for you,

PS ~ if the sun shines this week? Then I’ll add going to the beach for a quick swim to that list.

Must keep our priorities straight 🙂


14 thoughts on “wedding prep

  1. Hi Kathie ~ Well, I'm just seeing this post on the 25th…so the wedding is long past! But I trust that all went well. I'm sure you were a beautiful mother of the groom! Wishing you some wonderful end of summer days…


  2. Bev K says:

    Kathie – we've hosted several weddings in our yard and I know all the work that entails. It is an good excuse to get all those little jobs done.All the best to you as you get the items your list accomplished. And best wishes to the bride and groom.May your day be filled with fun and family and your future with much blessing and joy.


  3. It sounds like a wonderful kind of busy over there! Blessings to you all…and may the sun shine for you this week. Here's hoping you have time for a wee dip in the ocean as well!


  4. Islandsparrow says:

    Thanks Joanne!! Hope your summer is going well <3Marg – your wheat sheaves would be perfect!! Hmmm – wonder if I can "borrow" a few from some of our farmer neighbours? 🙂 I have whole post waiting to go on the hazelnut roll 🙂 I made it for the bridal shower – it was a great success! Thanks so much. Your gluten free recipes are very much appreciated here!Thanks Jientje! Salad making day today girls! Found this "wonderful" site if ever you're planning a big event – http://bigrecipes.com/ – wow!!


  5. Oh by the way…stop by and I will give you some golden stooks and sheaves of wheat…This is our first time growing wheat on our property…And it sounds like it would fit perfectly with your theme…OH, forget it…I'll just quickly fly some in for you….


  6. I've seen a few snippets of your baking my famous hazelnut roll…and I just learned that it turned out fantastic…Yea. My daughter has already warned me that someday that will be her wedding cake.Sounds like lots of excitement around your place. I think I would dream to do something like that for my daughter.Way to go!


  7. So happy for you Kathie, knowing that despite all the efforts, it will be a grand day of celebration for all of you!Ah, nothing like a little community spirit…you do have awesome friends/family/community…what a gift!Blessings on this lovely event and looking forward to seeing pics when the busyness subsides.love to you,JoanneP.S. Thanks for your email and will respond soon with details:)


  8. Islandsparrow says:

    Thank you Faith – I really appreciate your prayers!Oh Ellen – don't I wish you lived close! (And not just for cake plates 🙂 Thanks so much for your friendship and prayers. xo


  9. Oh girl. Wish we lived close. I have ten pedestal cake plates among other stuff. How wonderful that you have the space on your property for the wedding! Love the idea for the dessert bar. That's what Katie is wanting, too.I'll pray right now that God's peace and contentment and joy will reign on their day!Sooooo looking forward to the photos!


  10. CONGRATS to your son and soon to be daughter in law! and to you!!!! WOW….a busy week for sure…I will pray for you right now and remember you throughout the day….praying for good weather and all those details to be worked out! can't wait to see pics! have a blessed week!!


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