Cute, easy and fun!

This may be the very first craft entry on this blog!

But thanks to encouragement from Abbie, who organized our first Girls’ Craft Night, I gave these wee little dollies a try!

Mini Matryoshkas!

You can hang them on your Christmas tree or on a key chain.

Or just put them on your mantle piece where you can admire them inordinately 🙂

Free pattern and easy instructions found at Sew To Speak.


6 thoughts on “Cute, easy and fun!

  1. So cute! and yay! We know the word for the little Russian dolls…my 12 year old is taking Russian for her 6 years of language study and she just started full time in the language. She was wondering what the word was for these dolls that fit inside each other are called after seeing them on a worksheet (they haven't gotten that far in the vocab yet as school just started on Thursday!) and I hadn't had time to google it for her…now i don't need to!


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