First of all, a big thank-you to Pauline and Lovella!

A delicious, and easy, whole-wheat bread recipe from Lovella’s mom by love, Pauline. So good!

My kitchen has been in full swing ever since the cooler weather. Bread, cookies, cake and I’m just about ready to boil up my final batch of Nannie’s Mustard Pickles. 19 bottles stored on the basement shelves and, hopefully, 7 or 8 more today.

Here’s the next canning project. Look what Roger brought home from a wedding the other day.

The sweet bride thought that I might put her apple and pear wedding decor to good use. The apples and pears are wonderful fresh, but I thought I might like to try crab-apple jelly.

I have a faint memory of trying it when I was first married – a dismal failure! Just like Meg in Little Women “the dreadful stuff wouldn’t jell!”

That memory makes me a bit cautious to try again. But the crab-apples are so lovely and red – I don’t want to let them go to waste.

So . . . if you have any crab-apple jelly making tips, please share!

I’m sure you don’t want me to end up like this:

In the kitchen reigned confusion and despair. One edition of jelly was trickled from pot to pot, another lay upon the floor, and a third was burning gaily on the stove . . . The jelly was still in a hopelessly liquid state, while Meg, with her apron over her head, sat sobbing dismally.


7 thoughts on “kitchen help!

  1. marg says:

    I love the harvest at this time of year…Fresh whole wheat buns and Anneliese's Bean soup cooking in my kitchen today. Just enough to drop off a bowl at the kids with a fresh batch of buns. Enjoy your produce and happy jelly making.


  2. Jody says:

    Kathie,I have made crab apple jelly for many years using the recipe from the Ball Blue Canning Book. Equal parts crab apple juice to sugar. The key is waiting patiently for it to sheet off the spoon (*8 F or 4*C over the boiling point of water). Crab apples have lots of natural pectin.I made your bread recipe yesterday. Delish!Jody


  3. nikkipolani says:

    Oh dear, my one or two attempts at jelly didn't jell either. So if you don't mind, I'll just admire those darling little crab apples!


  4. anneliese says:

    Ohhh… does that bread ever look good! I thought I'd let Lovella know.. but I see she's seen it already. I love it when the recipes turn out just the way they are supposed to.


  5. Kathie says:

    Thanks Niki – I was hoping you'd respond. You're my canning inspiration!Lovella, I noticed the oatmeal on the top of your loaves – I'll add it next time. Such a yummy bread!


  6. Lovella says:

    oooh blushing here. .I'm not sure whether to say . .thank you ..or you are welcome. I think both. I love that bread and it is so easy to switch up a bit if I want multigrains in it or some oatmeal. This weeks version had a few cups of oatmeal thrown in.I love the quote. OH boy. .that could be me now and then.


  7. Niki says:

    the secret to crab apple jelly is liquid certo pectin….and a good jelly bag for draining the juice off.The recipes for the salsa and stewed tomatoes are coming tomorrow :)hugs,NikiPS I wonder if that ww bread recipe could be kneaded in the breadmaker…then baked in the oven, which is what I usually do….hmmmm…….


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