Susanne and all the Friday Fave gang are counting blessings at Living To Tell The Story.

Here are some autumn blessings from my week:

1. strolling through a carpet of of golden, scarlet and russet leaves with Sophie

2. Cheery pumpkins on doorsteps

3. Golden mornings

4. And radiant, amber evenings ~ the view from where we live on Polly Hill (a fun, live performance of the boys singing Polly Hill on youtube.)

 Polly Hill (click to enlarge)

5. and by request, Mila, who wants to prove that she can pose just as well as Sophie. Here she is on the back of my chair – her favourite  perch. This is her casual look. Note the tucked leg.

Thanks so much for coming by this week.

Hope you have a happy weekend and find some time to rest and relax ~ just like Mila!

Many blessings,

with love,

11 thoughts on “FFF ~ October gold

  1. Marg says:

    Beautiful photos. You must love your new camera..


  2. Willow says:

    That Mila, she's a lovely thing even in her casual pose.What a gorgeous place you live, Kathie! Such golden hues everywhere–I can see why you've been outside so much this week.


  3. Susanne says:

    Beautiful picture of Sophie in all the fallen leaves. And I want to do what Mila's doing in the last picture all weekend! LOL.


  4. jill says:

    Mila's coat looks thick…perhaps a cold winter is ahead?


  5. Hazel says:

    What a beautiful world you have there! Sophie and Mila are so adorable. Thanks for sharing gorgeous photos too.


  6. Dawn says:

    Love the golden!!!!


  7. Faith says:

    Beautiful pics…i especially love your view!! so pretty and peaceful looking! happy weekend…..


  8. ellen b says:

    Oh I was going to tell you, we're having a craft get together to make the Matroyshka dolls tomorrow!


  9. ellen b says:

    Such a beautiful golden post! Love it! Boy your leaf carpet puts mine to shame. Have a great weekend!


  10. Lisa notes says:

    Oh how I love your pictures! Soaking up autumn here…


  11. Kathie, your photos today are beautiful and golden! You live in a beautiful place and I love the name Polly Hill. Have a beautiful weekend!


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