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Unlike Nan, in Northern New England, and Pamela, in our next door province, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island had no snow in the weekend storm.

But heavy wind and driving rain made it “a rather blustery day!” as Pooh Bear would say.

Thankfully, autumn didn’t disappear in a day!

Some leaves are still clinging

to gift us with a

a shining welcome

to November!

I usually think of November as a cold, drab, dull month – but I think I’ll change my mind.

I may have to look a little harder for the shimmer and shine, especially as the month progresses, but I’m going to give it a try.

A November treasure hunt.

I like a challenge πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “Shine

  1. Bev K says:

    I guess I'm not as observant – I haven't found the hidden treasure but I have been charmed by the beautiful fall pictures. My son in Seattle also captured the gorgeous colours this year. Bright reds that we on the West coast don't always get. This has been a particularly vibrant fall and I'm enjoying very minute of it.


  2. anneliese says:

    Beautiful! I've been so busy, I did not even think about it once today that it's November! I've been enjoying the colors so much this year too! Was driving on a street yesterday where the old tall trees were arching over the street.. such beautiful colors.. leaves were blown aginst the curbs and the wind was picking them up and swirling them around. It was gorgeous. Oh … and so much fun for your daughter to play in the Sound of Music!


  3. Hi Kathie, thanks so much for the mention in your post today! I appreciate it. I agree about trying to find the golden shiney moments in November. We just have to look around us at the beauty in our world. It's there. Your photos are gorgeous – every one of them! Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Pamela


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