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fff ~ Nov treasure hunt 2

Hi there and welcome to Friday Fave Five – the November Treasure Hunt Edition #2.

Well . . . I expected that discovering November’s treasures would be quite a challenge. 

Not this year. The weather has been most unusual and most welcome! 9 out of 10 November days have been sunny. Treasure hunting has been a breeze!

1. First things first ~ Nov 11th is Remembrance Day.

Later this morning, our community will gather at the cenotaph  to honour our veterans and to treasure their sacrifice and the gift of freedom.

Remembrance Day, 20102. I especially remember my Dad on this day ~ he was a WW2 pilot ~ so young and handsome. I’m thankful he came home from the war when so many of his comrades didn’t.  I treasure the gift of his love and all the sweet family memories.

Peter Sinclair

3. I’ve been  outside a lot this month – finding treasures in early morning watercolour skies to end of day splendour



4. Still blooming ~ now, isn’t that a November miracle?

5. Fields of gold in the late afternoon light.

The sun, low and slant, on winterberries 


and now . . . 

a special addition to my November treasure hunt.

 I did a little Christmas shopping at 10,000 Villages last Friday ~ so many beautiful, unique crafts and treasures from all over the world. 

We met one of the co-ordinators of the sale, a gentleman from Winnipeg by the name of Dan Block,  who interestingly enough, was related to our Winnipeg Bible college professor by the same name – 3rd cousins.

He and Roger had a great chat while I browsed around. 

Wait a minute . . .  what is Roger holding so nicely for me while I take a picture?

Is it?

Could it be??

Tucked under the potholders???

It is!! The Mennonite Girls Can Cook book! 

I was so excited to see it right there in the centre of the book table!

If only I could have found a Mennonite girl or two (or ten!) to autograph it. 🙂

A wonderful cookbook – thank you girls! I’m enjoying it immensely.

And I’m so glad to know, that in a little way, I’m joining in your project to help feed hungry children.

Now that’s a treasure!

Happy weekend!

with love,

PS ~ for more Friday Favourites visit Susanne at Living To Tell The Story.


18 thoughts on “fff ~ Nov treasure hunt 2

  1. Bev K says:

    Kathie – what wonderful surprises lurking in your post! 1. Your your amazing photos – I love the berries one.2. That you posted about 10,000 Villages – such a great store. I didn't know there was one in your area.3. That picture of Dan Block – I knew him from the church I grew up in in Ontario. One of his brothers was my age. Haven't seen or heard of any of the Block family for years.4. The MGCC cookbook – how cute to see Roger clutching it with the potholders you'll need for cooking from the book. When Harv and I make our longed for trip to PEI, I'll do the same as Ellen and stop by and sign it. Hmm – maybe the MGCC gals should do a book signing tour to PEI.Thanks for the fun post.


  2. Sandy in NC says:

    I love lurking here to read your words along with the wonderful picturesof God's creation on PEI….What a wonderful peaceful place to escape the fast paced world.Thank you for sharing…And the cookbook is great…I have one and love reading and using the recipes.God Bless!Love from NC


  3. anneliese says:

    Aw… I'm so glad I came to visit! … but I really do wish that one day we can visit PEI and meet you!I also almost wanted to ask, did you see???? and then, there it was .. peeking out from behind the potholders.Fun! Thank you! Also liked the picture of your dad in uniform, as well as the golden wheat and berries.


  4. Your words and photos have captured some beautiful things, Kathie. Like Willow said, I want to get out next week and take some nature photos. I want to really look and see what's around me. I bet there is beauty to behold.Was the cookbook meant to be a present for you for Christmas? It's on my Christmas list.Have a great week.


  5. What a wonderful picture of your dad. Wow. I'm thankful he came home too. Such brave men.Love your pictures, Kathie! They make me feel calm just looking at them. Have a great weekend.


  6. What a wonderful post! Love your dad in uniform. I'm so glad you are having some great November scenes to photograph. I was hoping that was our book tucked behind those potholders that Roger was holding. I'd love to fly to PEI and sign that book. Lord willing sometime in the next 5 years!


  7. Your dad in his uniform — such a great picture! I had to laugh at your arrows toward the cookbook. The 1000 Villages sounds like fun. And your photos are always worth the trip. Lovely, lovely. Have a great week ahead!


  8. OH Roger. .you made me smile..and well Kathie. .you always make me smile. I was getting all ready to ask you if you saw our book in that store and there it is! So fun. I guess. .I'll just add this to the reason I need to come to PEI some day. On another note. .it has been so gorgeous here as well. We are expecting our first real wind later today. It is raining now. We took a drive yesterday and I commented on how the leaves are just clinging to the branches.Beautiful photos.


  9. Beautiful photos Kathie! You are finding many beautiful treasures this November. Do they sell that cookbook at all the 10000 Villages stores? I'd have to go to Petitcodiac to get it on my next trip to Moncton. Have a great weekend! Pamela


  10. What a wonderful post! Love your dad in uniform. I'm so glad you are having some great November scenes to photograph. I was hoping that was our book tucked behind those potholders that Roger was holding. I'd love to fly to PEI and sign that book. Lord willing sometime in the next 5 years!


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