12 thoughts on “curtain call

  1. Joy says:

    In Edmonton in 1968, when I was in grade nine we put on the play for the Sound Of Music. The nuns from the Academy Assumption lent us the habits and came to show us how to wear them. I'm not sure who had more fun, the nuns or us getting to wear real habits.. and none of us were even Catholic. I hope your daughter has as much fun as we had when we did it. The music is lovely, the story is delightful.. and what an early Christmas treat for you !! I still sing Rex Admirabilis and it is still the only latin I know. Sadly I lost the sheet music for it long ago.


  2. andylynne says:

    I love your blog, I come and lurk often. I love the sound of music, what fun having someone you know in a production. Good times stage plays are always full of energy and connection I think. I also liked you last post about the 1000 gifts. I'm giving my sisters the book for christmas. I'm hoping we can cometogether as a group and do what your doing with your 18 ladies.


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