Happy sigh!

Every performance (all 7!) sold out in a 1000 seat theatre!

Some backstage pictures – the Von Trapp girls in their nightgown costumes. The children in their curtain costumes. Sarah (Liesl) with Maria.

Some pictures from the dress rehearsal (no pictures allowed during performances) – the wedding scene, the children meet Maria (Do-Re-Mi), the children with Uncle Max, and the Salzburg Festival concert scene singing Edelweiss with the Captain and Maria.

After the final performance, this was Sarah’s facebook status: “And so ends one of the best experiences of my life. Playing one of the Von Trapp children was more fun than I could have ever imagined!”

Isn’t it wonderful how the happiness of your child makes you so happy?

We’re smiling all over!


9 thoughts on “Happy sigh!

  1. Oh the photos are just gorgeous! Oh to see it live would be most wonderful. Congratulations on a beautiful presentation. Last night we were at a concert and we had just one song from the Nutcracker…oh it was amazing.


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