Baking day success!

The plum puddings – regular and gluten free turned out beautifully. Although I steamed them a lot longer than the recipes suggested.

Cookies did not burn.

On the agenda today? Finishing the list from yesterday (I was slightly over-ambitious!) and some present wrapping.

Sound track for the day? The classic Campbell Playhouse dramatization of “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens narrated by Orson Welles and starring Lionel Barrymore.

Happy days!

5 thoughts on “Success!

  1. Susanne says:

    I can smell them over here! Yummy! ;v)


  2. Jody says:

    It's looking yummy at your house!


  3. Hi Kathie. I just saw your OOOPS! cookies. What a shame. I'm glad you had success today. I'm going to wish you a Merry Christmas tonight as we're off to Alberta tomorrow for the holiday. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Blessings, Pamela


  4. Nan says:

    Yum! And beautiful!


  5. ellen b says:

    Happy Days indeed!


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