magical moments

 Family, feasting and blessings spoken that span an ocean.

35th anniversary! The kids treated us royally – sending us out for a romantic supper, serenading us in the street after and then totally surprising us with a celebration with family and friends

I was a wee bit worn out to bring in 2012 at midnight but I celebrated the New Year with a glorious sunrise.

And now for the  lovely,


days of winter.


9 thoughts on “magical moments

  1. Oh my, what a stunning pink sky.Love the family photos, and congratulations on your anniversary. Sounds like your kids went all out for their lovely parents!*hugs*


  2. Bev K says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary. Isn't it wonderful when your family spoils you like that?Once again, lovely pictures of warm family times and stunning natural beauty.


  3. Hi Kathie, Happy 35th Anniversary to you and your beloved! What a wonderful celebration you had. I can't believe that gorgeous sunrise photo – stunning! I've been busy of late and missed this blogpost. Happy New Year! Blessings, Pamela


  4. Congratulations on 35 years of marriage. Are you going to go on a proper vacation to celebrate. We are going on a vacation later this winter for our anniversary. I did not tell him it was only 34 years coming up…I'll tell him that when we are gone and then proceed to ask what we'll do to celebrate our 35th.Ha ha!Oh your photos are wonderful and I am so glad you had such a nice celebration!!


  5. Kathie,Such full and wonderful days for you! God's blessings on 35 years of marriage and God's grace and faithfulness in your life….such a testimony! Beautiful photos! Blessings on this New Year filled with expectations and anticipation…love,Joanne


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