6 thoughts on “Elinore

  1. Kathie it has been so long since I have visited your blog….but as always I LOVE your pictures. They are always of the great outdoors, and they capture a peace and calm that always speaks to my soul. 🙂 And this dear lady looks like such a gem of a a woman! :)Enjoyed your blog tonight!!!


  2. Lovella says:

    I'm sorry for the goodbye…even if it is just temporary. Beautiful photo.


  3. Joanne says:

    She does look like such a dear, kind lady. Yes, her hope and glory have been realized as we continue to await that same hope.May you be comforted Kathie as well as all who knew and loved her.love,Joanne


  4. So very sorry for your loss. Blessings and hugs.


  5. ellen b says:

    Oh, so sorry. She really looks like a sweetheart. I'm so glad for the hope we have and the reunions we'll share!


  6. Lisa~A Cottage To Me says:

    So sorry for your loss! She looks like a great lady!


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