fff ~ shining moments

Hello there!

( I couldn’t resist posting my chickadee with an attitude – he looks a bit cross, doesn’t he? 🙂

Welcome to Friday’s Fave Five, the weekly blessing list hosted by Susanne at Living To Tell The Story

It’s been a lovely week here on the island filled with those quiet, ordinary, moments that seem to shine ~ not really ordinary at all – each one a gift and blessing. I captured a few of those favourite moments on camera. Hope you enjoy them!

1. Watching the birds at the feeder.

The downy woodpeckers and black-capped chickadees love the suet feeder. And they need it in the cold weather. 

2. Capturing the late afternoon sun as it broke through the clouds and set the church and trees aglow.

It all happened within 10 minutes. I was snapping pictures like a crazy woman 🙂 A glorious beauty!

3. A few more pictures of my snowgirl gymnast. Oh I had fun with her!!

Isn’t she cute? I built her just before the temperatures dropped – I knew she would freeze solid. I wanted to add 2 more snowpeople holding scorecards but there wasn’t enough snow.

I think her headstand is a perfect 10!

 She just makes me smile!

4. Recipe-makeover success! It seems a bit risky to experiment with a great recipe, not to mention a family heirloom, but Nannie’s Boiled Raisin Cake has a lot of sugar. We’ve been trying to eat a little more healthy around here, so I decided to cut the sugar by 1/2 cup and add some unsweetened applesauce.

The cake rose beautifully and looked just the same as the original – but would it pass the taste test?

I prudently did not mention the recipe change until after the cake was tasted and approved. Nannie’s Boiled Raisin cake with applesauce is definitely a keeper.

With such a successful recipe make-over under my belt, I decided to get really daring. I messed with our regular spaghetti supper. Normally we eat regular spaghetti – home-made sauce or bottled, white spaghetti noodles and maybe some onions and garlic thrown in.

But, as I mentioned earlier this week, we’ve been trying to get more fruits and veggies in every day. Sweet peppers and tomatoes are favourites.

So into the frying pan they went – along with some extra lean hamburger, garlic, onions and . . . 

Yup – a first – spinach! All you spinach eaters (and green smoothie drinkers), chuckle if you want but I felt very adventurous –  lol! The only spinach we’ve eaten has been in salads. I never liked cooked greens.

But mixed in a spaghetti sauce? 

A feast for the eyes and tastebuds!

Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the meal – we were too busy enjoying it! I added some healthy choice spaghetti sauce because I had it on hand, along with some canned tomatoes, ladled it over whole-wheat spaghetti and it was delicious! I doubt that I’ll make plain spaghetti again. A great way to get a lot of veggies in your diet.

5. Finally, I want to share some of the devotional reading I’ve been doing lately.

I’ve been working my way through this devotional and really enjoying it.


The Life of Prayer
by A B Simpson, founder of the Christian Missionary Alliance and, also, a Prince Edward Islander. You can read it for free online.

Well, that’s it for Friday Five this week ~ hope you enjoyed your visit! Thanks so much for coming by.

Happy weekend!

with love,


16 thoughts on “fff ~ shining moments

  1. such a nice newsy post 🙂 I think your photos are getting even better and they were already awesome! I love the snowman, esp. his/her??? boots :)have a wonderful weekend,Niki


  2. Your pictures are beautiful and I love the gymnastic snowgirl, so cute! You did a great job on the details. I appreciate the devotional reccomendation as well, I've been needing a new one.


  3. Gorgeous pictures of the church and birds. And that snowgirl gymnast is just adorable. It's good to find healthy meals that are tasty. I haven't read that book by Stories but I've enjoyed others by her.


  4. This post is just so packed with beauty of every kind!!You do a lovely job capturing the birds on camera. How do you do it?The snowgirl gymnast is adorable.The church photos….amazing…and over such a short span of time too.The cake and spaghetti, beauty-full as well.Thanks for sharing,Jody


  5. Oye! Now I'm so hungry looking at all this great food here! Love the bird shots and that montage of light and church is amazing. Reminds me of the series of Monet paintings in London…I still love that snowman! I mean snowgirl!


  6. That is the most creative, whimsical Snow Person 🙂 I have ever seen. Great work.It amazes me to come back online after being off for a year, and see that my old friends are thinking some of the exact things that I am, though they've come to them by a different path. Faithfulness in intercessory prayer is a serious focus for me this January, taking the Proverb: let love and faithfulness never leave you. I can't think of a better way to do that than by being faithful in prayer for others.Then, also, I've been chopping fresh spinach into about everything I eat! Spaghetti, bean soup, whatever. I just put it in the bowl or on the plate chopped and fresh before adding hot food, then stir it in, and it's wilted, instead of cooked. It doesn't get that "cooked greens" taste and texture of ill-repute, and, hopefully it retains more vities, too, just being a little wilted instead of cooked.Blessings to you!


  7. Fantastic picture of the chickadee. Love the attitude. ha.All your pictures are beautiful. Love your snowgirl gymnast!I'm sure I would love the Stormie Omartian book. Thanks for sharing it here.


  8. What a fine post to savor over my breakfast this morning, with sweet little birds, funny snow persons, yummy food and steeples a glow.The steeple pictures brought to mind an observation that. I read about good photography: remember to take pictures of light. It is the play of light on a subject that makes the photo. So true, and so well demonstrated in your steeple photos.Of couse photos taken sans light, via ultra sound, well that is an entirely different thing all together! Gotten a peek at your grandbaby yet?


  9. Lisa~A Cottage To Me says:

    I imagine i might be a bit cross myself if I were stuck out in these cold temps. But, a beautiful bird he is no matter how cross he wants to appear. I absolutely LOVE your snowgirl. Puts a smile on my face, Thank you. I think your spaghetti sounds wonderful. I think we will do spaghetti for dinner tonight. Maybe I'll even try some of those colorful peppers in my sauce. I'll think about the spinach….could be a nice twist! Love your pictures too!


  10. Hi Kathie,I LOVE your gymnast snowgirl: so cute and original. It would make a great winter poster.In a bit I am going to make your Nana's boiled raisin cake with your modifications. Looks like it is baked in a loaf pan? I am also going to try your molasses angel pudding. My mouth is watering just thinking about baking these.Thanks for sharing your recipes and photos.


  11. I LOVE all your faves…especially the pics of your church! it's gorgeous..what a pretty place to worship in. And yay for homemade sauce. I take jarred sauce , usually the garlic and herb kind and add peppers (3 diff colors) and onions but never thot to use spinach…i'm gonna give that a try…i DO Make spinach lasagna and it's great! we too have switched (for the most part) to whole grain pastas. Enjoy the cooking healthier and have a great weekend!! OH and your snow girl is adorable!!!!


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