fff ~ winter days

Hi there and welcome to Friday’s Fave Five.

Susanne and the Fivers are counting weekly blessings. Come join in at Living To Tell The Story.

1. Well . . . we’re doing our best to have some winter fun but Mr. Weatherman has not been the most cooperative. It hasn’t been very wintery around here. From snow to ice pellets to rain  – then repeat. That’s been the weatherstory this January.

And my poor little snowgirl is feeling the effects.

but Mila and I have high hopes for our ice mandalas.

The temperature is dropping tonight so they should freeze and be hanging from our tree branches tomorrow – just like these. Of course, it’s supposed to snow, then ice pellets, then rain – but hope springs eternal.

2. Look who came back to the feeder for a visit. A Northern Flicker – we haven’t seen one since last Jan.

3. I had a little beach time with my beach buddy this week.

We hiked over the ice and spent a little time with our faces turned to the sun. There actually was some warmth in the winter rays.

yes . . . when it comes to beachtime, we’re hardcore. 🙂

4.  This horse with the soul deep eyes. I don’t know what it is about this picture – but whenever I scroll down to it, I have to stop and take a long, slow gaze into his eyes.  I think we’re in love 🙂

5. Yummy, healthy cauliflower/carrot soup. So tasty! I added less water and some lowfat milk. Don’t forget the nutmeg – it makes this soup.

Served in a mug with a little cheddar cheese on top – perfect on a chilly winter night.

Hope you stay warm and cosy this weekend!

Thanks so much for coming by a visit.

Many blessings!

with love,


14 thoughts on “fff ~ winter days

  1. Oh, I love your funny snowgirl! I'm sorry she is a messy, melted heap, but I am hopeful that your ice mandalas froze nicely for you. The ones you linked to are so beautiful! (Mila is a cutie, too!)I love the beach in all weather. The sound of the waves soothes me. You did an amazing job catching the horse at just the right moment and angle! I could look at it a long time, too!.I love creamy soups in the winter, yours looks delicious!I wish you a wonderful week ahead.


  2. Loved the snowgirl! We're having the same weird weather here in the mountains of Vermont as you are on the Island. In fact, I posted a photo of our own little snowgirl–complete with a floppy brimmed hat to keep out the rain–on my blog last week. Check her out at http://www.theblessedblog.com. She's a sweetheart!ellen


  3. Your snowgirl was the cutest one I've ever seen. So sorry to see her go, but nice that you have such nice photos to remember her by.The flicker is a lovely bird and you captured a great shot of him.Thanks for sharing the soup recipe. I just added the ingredients to my grocery list and can't wait to try it.


  4. Poor little snow girl! I hope she comes back to visit soon.That flicker sure is beautifully dressed!I don't think I ever thought about what the beach would be like in snowy icy cold weather. Still beauitful.That horse is a charmer. Lovely photo.


  5. I keep showing my husband your beautiful photos and keep hinting that PEI is the ONE PLACE I really want to get to before I turn 55. I am 52. Do you think I'll get my vacation there this year?? lol……I do love all your photos. I must ask though HOW do you get that close to the birds?? I can never capture the birds at my feeder!! I only have a digital camera…maybe that's why??That soup looks delish….mmm…….your picture makes me want to take a sip!Have a cozy weekend…..(we have the same type of weather you are getting!)


  6. You really are hard core about the beach! I don't think I've ever been beside the ocean in the snow, but I'll have to look for that opportunity. I love the way cats are so curious about everything, I'm surprised he did not pull out the rope- mine probably would have.


  7. Love being called a "Fiver." Made me smile.Oh, my, your snowgirl does look pathetic. Hopefully the ice mandalas turn out and add some winter beauty. What a fun project it must have been to undertake.Thanks for the soup recipe. I am liking that food more and more. And what's even better is that I am beginning to turn out some tasty ones – thanks in part to folks like you sharing your recipes!


  8. Love your snowman ! Looks almost artistic ! The horse too is so beautiful ! In Belgium our winter is rainy and too warm. It hasn't snowed yet and it was only once really freezing.


  9. Lisa~A Cottage To Me says:

    Love your photos! So sad to see your snowgirl is on the down and outs. I like her! Beautiful bird….so colorful. I also just stare at the horse, so mesmerizing! I am going to save your soup recipe and try it out sometime,always looking for new soups to try. Thank you for sharing!


  10. Your week was filled with beauty even without the classic snowy backdrop. I am glad you shared your scenes. Your flicker shot was magazine/nursing website worthy! You got all the bird's colorful aspects in one shot. Bet Bird and Blooms magazine would use that photo right away.


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