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fff ~ lovely things

Welcome to Friday’s Fave 5!
It’s Friday and we’re counting blessings again over at Living To Tell The Story. Thanks Susanne for


1. I woke this morning to moonlight streaming in my bedroom window.

2.  The moonlight on snow reminded me of my favourite winter poem by Sara Teasdale

“Stars over snow,
And in the west a planet
Swinging below a star —
Look for a lovely thing and you will find it,
It is not far —
It never will be far.”
~Sara Teasdale
I’m taking a little poetic license as this was moonlight and not starlight. 🙂

I bundled up and headed out in the wintery dawn with my camera.

Sparkles everywhere.

Oh. so. lovely!

3. It was nippy in the frosty air – but I couldn’t bring myself to head back to the cosy warmth of the wood-stove yet.

For just as the moon was fading in the west, the eastern sky began to glow.

A diamond studded field.

Good morning world!

4. The most picturesque barn in the neighbourhood.

There’s a lovely old farmhouse hidden behind the tree line.

The smoke pouring out of the chimney reminded me how chilly I was.

5. Time to head home for a cup of very hot coffee and one of these lovelies!

Banana-oat muffin – recipe coming soon, promise.

Thanks again for dropping in for a visit! I love to see your names and read your cheery hellos.

Hope you have a weekend filled with lovely things!

Many blessings,

with love,


21 thoughts on “fff ~ lovely things

  1. Bev K says:

    Thank you for taking me with you on your early morning beauty- seeking, walk.If that's what you were looking for, you certainly found it. There's nothing quite like being alone in such a still and beautiful landscape.


  2. Your pictures are beautiful, especially the ones of the barn! We watched the Knowledge channel on TV tonight and they did a special on Atlantic Canada, especially PEI and NS. It brought back so many wonderful memories of our times spent exploring there. Have a wonderful week, filled with His love!


  3. Just love rosy moon sets!Admiring that you caught snow sparkles…not as easy to do as it sounds…the camera rarely does the magical sparkles justice, never seems to catch the rainbow in each sparkle . A jeweler once told me some diamonds sparkle rainbows and other sparkle white. I see that now when looking at diamonds.I posted a few camera tips…boy do I wish we were learning our cameras side by side!


  4. I don't know how you can stand the cold to go out and take pictures, but I'm glad you do, they are beautiful! Natural sparkly-ness, no glitter involved, just God doing his work. Gotta love that.


  5. I love the bright nights with the moon lighting the snow-covered fields. I keep hoping to see a fox or coyote trotting across, but no such luck. Great moon shots, Kathie; every time I try, it looks like a fuzzy white blob!


  6. Oh my goodness!! these photos!! love them!! i just love the glorious sunrise……and that sparkling snow in the moonlight….we have NO SNOW….i actually kind of miss it this year….sh….can't say that too loud! lol….and yay for coffee, and yummy looking muffins…can't wait to see your recipe! Have a cozy weekend!


  7. You know what…I felt my breathing change as I looked at these photos. I love how God works through beautiful things to have us catch our breath and be in awe of what He's made. Thank you for taking and sharing these!


  8. Such beautiful photos Kathie. I love the frosty ones and the sparkly diamonds on the snow. I hear there's a storm coming for tomorrow and you may be getting a lot of snow so take care and stay cozy. Blessings, Pamela


  9. Oh as always your fave five photos are amazing. I love the diamond studded field. It was worth the chill…for me..and for you too…right?I also have a thing for red barns. Your most beautiful red barn against the snow is so lovely. It reminds me of a calendar photo.


  10. Kathie,You are so skilled in your photography! You must LOVE your new camera. I love how each picture captures the fine details, the glistening snow, rays of morning sunlight, glow of the moon etc.Breath-taking! Especially LOVE that barn photo! Thank you for sharing!Joanne


  11. The poem went so well with your photographs. The diamond studded field was amazing, but made me shiver. I'd like one of those muffins. Looking forward to the recipe! Have a good weekend.


  12. So beautiful, Kathie. One of these days, I'm going to have a better camera so I can take amazing pictures like these (I hope, I hope!). I watched the moon and sunrise, too. Fun to think about you and I being out there at the same time, peering at beauty from the same source. Much love…


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