16 thoughts on “Narnia

  1. I just stumbled onto your blog from Living & Learning (it was the Narnia title that drew my attention), and I must say it's lovely. These photos and the ones of the diamond snow below are heavenly. Thanks for what you do! 🙂


  2. Beautiful! Beautiful! I am reading the Anne books to my husband, who has never read them, but had sisters who watched the movies. He is enjoying them thoroughly, and has decided that we must visit PEI sometime soon. I told him, the only trouble is deciding which season! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.


  3. It's so much more fun taking winter pictures when you know that it's almost over! Hasn't it been so beautiful, though? Lovely pics – I'd never have thought of Narnia, but soon as you said it …


  4. Stunning photos once again. It is a gray and dull day here in Ontario with warnings of freezing rain and school buses were cancelled this morning. I am looking forward to sunshine and blue skies again!Happy 29th!Joanne


  5. So beautiful. You know for all the complaining when it's cold around here, I'm really missing scenes like this with all the gorgeous snow. I've really missed it this year.


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