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fff ~ celebrate!

Hi there and welcome to Friday’s Fave, the weekly blessing list hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell The Story.

I was awol last week – you’ll never guess why. I got the days mixed up. I actually thought Fri was Thurs. Oh my – isn’t that scary?! 🙂

Anyway . . .

Here I am – on the right day – I hope!

Celebration is the theme of this Friday Fave. A wedding and a birthday.

1.  I think this is the cutest wedding kiss I’ve ever seen! You can see Roger grinning.

Rynier and Julie’s wedding

2. Good weather for the wedding! A storm had been predicted but the Lord sent sunshine instead.

3. A very happy couple!

4. The wedding was so honouring to the Lord – after the marriage ceremony, John, Sarah and other friends of the bride and groom led us in a sweet time of praise and worship.

Sarah and her cousins also sang  – it was beautiful!

5. Later in the evening we enjoyed a roast beef dinner and a great dance! Here is the groom’s mother, my dear friend Ange, with Rynier in the mother son dance.

Next all the moms and sons joined in – this picture is a little dark but such a sweet memory!

6. Another celebration – Roger’s birthday. Fun times! Music (notice Sophie? That’s her favourite spot whenever someone plays the piano), seafood chowder and chocolate cheesecake and a stretchy band jumping contest. Oh we laughed! 

Some wonderful memories!

Hope you enjoyed your Friday Fave visit  – thanks so much for coming by.

Happy weekend!

with love, 

PS – Guess what’s happening Sunday evening? The first baby shower –  for my very first grandchild!!! Do you think I might be a little excited?!!

17 thoughts on “fff ~ celebrate!

  1. Bev K says:

    What fun celebrations! It is so encouraging to see young people honouring God and putting Him first in their relationship.We just witnessed Ellen's daughter (the Happy Wonderer) and her husband's wedding – the same thing – such a celebration of praise.Happy Birthday to Roger – it looks like your family knows how to enjoy each other.


  2. It looks like you've had another wedding in the family and it looks all so perfect. I love that photo of the kiss…It's like it's from God!Congratulations on becoming a grandparent. What a special blessing that your family is able to experience.


  3. I totally agree that that is the cutest wedding kiss ever! I love it when the groom celebrates his wedding as a victory!Have fun at the baby shower. Can't wait to see the pictures…


  4. I totally agree that that is the cutest wedding kiss ever! I love it when the groom celebrates his wedding as a victory!Have fun at the baby shower. Can't wait to see the pictures…


  5. Some week's are that crazy that all sense of time is lost. Glad to have you here this week, Kathie, you were missed. The wedding kiss with the groom's raised arm and Roger's smile is precious, as is the groom carrying the bride.I never heard of a wedding including time for praise and worship. What a great idea.


  6. What great pictures of the wedding. A very happy and lovely couple they do make!Happy belated birthday to Roger. Looks like much fun was had.Enjoy your grandbaby's shower! I hope we get a peek with your pictures of that too. :v)


  7. Hi Kathie. I enjoyed your FFF's this week (as always) but there's something about celebrating that's special. Lovely wedding photos. I like the old church and windows. Is Julie your daughter? Such a beautiful bride! It sounds like you enjoyed Roger's birthday as well. You will love being grandparents! We're awaiting # 2 now in late July. I just wished they didn't live in Fort McMurray!! Enjoy the weekend. Hugs, Pamela


  8. How great that wedding kiss photo is ! i especially love the raised fist! LOL…it's priceless. THey look like a very happy couple. And how exciting to be looking forward to your first grandbaby!! Someday I might be a grandma too once these girls are all grown up and outta college! 🙂 Have a happy weekend!!


  9. Oh, what a cute photo of the wedding kiss! I love weddings – so filled with promise …Happy birthday to Roger, and congratulations, you two, on becoming grandparents for the first time! I can only imagine!


  10. I LOVE love love the wedding pictures! The bride is so pretty and the groom so handsome, what a lovely couple! Happy Birthday to Roger! I can imagine you're excited about your first grandchild, who wouldn't be?


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