Josephine Mae MacPhee; born Good Friday, April 6 at 7:49am, weighing 6.7 lbs, eighteen inches long. 

“Josie” named after her great-grandmother (my mom) Leona Josephine Trainer. She would be so proud of her little great-granddaughter!

 Leona Josephine Trainer and Peter Sinclair ~ wedding day, 1945


Josie and Auntie Sarah

Baby Josie is still in the hospital until she gains a bit more weight. But hopefully, she’ll be discharged this Wed.

And we’re going to spend the day together with mama, while Daddy is off to the ECMAs this Thursday. Paper Lions are up for 3 awards this year.

The best of times!


16 thoughts on “Presenting

  1. Bev K says:

    Congratulations Kathie and Roger! She's a beautiful child with a lovely old fashioned name. A wise and godly preacher once asked us "What is the most important thing you can give to a new baby?" After the usual answers; 'love', a godly upbringing', a happy home etc., he beamed at us and said "A hearty welcome!" So,"Welcome, little Josie Mae!"


  2. My grandmother's middle name was Mae…I have always thought it was sweet and simple. Gosh Josie looks tiny. What a wonderful month of celebrations on many levels


  3. Wee Josie is beautiful! Congratulations and God's Blessings on this child. I love her name and the story of it. I would think you are pretty much just glowing with your son up for awards and the new babe.


  4. CONGRATS and welcome to the Granny Club! (it's a fine club too)Li'l Josie is so sweet! I'm fond of the name because my husbands great grandma was named Josie and she lived to be 102 years old and was a lovely woman. All the best to Josie and her mommy and daddy.


  5. just stunning….so beautiful, k. (((you)))best of luck to the boys at the awards! do tell! I think I'm still a member of John's fanclub, so go team! πŸ™‚


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