At home

Monday has always been my planning day for the week. 

I like to do a general tidy up (weekly home blessing with the flylady), check the calendar for appointments and meetings, plan projects and create a menu. Nothing is set in stone but it feels good to have a general idea of the shape of the week.

On the calendar this week, there are two prayer meetings, a visit to the tulip fields with camera in hand, a walk with one friend and a coffee date with another.

At home I have painting on the agenda, weeding the flower beds, and a cupboard, or two ten, to tackle.

Daily exercise of some sort goes on the schedule too. Otherwise it goes by the wayside.  And it’s a really sweet feeling when I get in some music practice and drawing for fun. I have a lovely new “How To Draw Flowers” book. I can hardly wait to get at it.

Housework in the morning – hobbies in the afternoon. And, if I can help it, only one day a week in town for errands, library and groceries.  It’s a good plan.  Which doesn’t always go as planned! But it’s the goal.

Here’s a new planning tool that I mentioned before – my menus on Pinterest. Simple and effective. All my online recipes conveniently in one place. Saving $ and less waste. It really works for me. 

I love seeing in a glance what’s for supper.

Do you like to plan ahead for your week? Or do you go with the flow?

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration yesterday.

I had the whole crew out – along with Andrew and Hyekoo by Skype –

It was a double celebration – Mother’s Day and James’ graduation. 

and I can’t forget this little pumpkin too. Her second visit to Belfast.

Oh. my. heart! I am smitten. 🙂

In fact – we all are! 

She’s the icing on the cake for sure. What a love-filled Mother’s day. I am so thankful!


6 thoughts on “At home

  1. anneliese says:

    Just nice to visit and find out you are organized! I guess by the time we get to our age werealize that is the only way we get anything done… if we plan. Even if I don't get everything done that I've planned, I still get more done than if I'd never made a plan.Your little missy is the cutest!


  2. She is adorable! What long fingers and bright eyes she has already! I only keep a few lists and try to enjoy living in the moments more. I hope your week is just lovely!


  3. Icing on the cake? I'd say if she was cake I'd be gobbling her up. I used to be a strict list make, with daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, yearly, five year and ten year plans. Remodeling kind of blew my brain out of that thought. Now mostly I do "as needed" and keep a low profile on the calendar. I also say "no" a lot more.The flower drawing book sounds fun…but I am pretty happy just taking photos of flowers and then using pencil sketch to turn them into drawings. Hoo boy.


  4. I generally go with the flow and only plan when company is on the calendar. This week we are serving dinner to our small group so I'll be planning for sure! Enjoy your trips out and about with your camera.


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